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Originally Posted by Mathys de Nostredame View Post
SPOILER!!: étudiants

He could only imagine how disillusioning this term could be for the first years among the Hogwarts students. Mathys had hardly given such notions any thought at the beginning of term, he had standards that he had intended to keep regardless of which school he was instructing, but as the term progress he found himself having some regrets for previous decisions. Nothing he would voice to a living soul, however.

Returning the boy's nod of the head, the professor rested one of his hands atop the head of the gargoyle closest to his side and stroked it behind the ears while the boy took his seat.

A sentiment that your professor shared, rest assured. Though his hands were tied presently and he had had to go to great lengths to procure this opportunity again.

Wary of this particular Hogwarts youth, Mathys offered a polite nod of the head to the young man as he found somewhere to sit.

This dear little mademoiselle.

The professor returned her smile with one of his own as the attention his fingers were giving the gargoyle behind the ears accumulated into a frightful and low rumbling from its chest. "She is only purring, Mademosielle Summers," he assured her.

Here was one student that was not aiding in Hogwarts' image, that much was certain.

The softness in his expression that had been earned by Mademoiselle Summers quickly faded into his usual stoic indifference. It was a mutual agreement between himself and Mademosielle Blaze, nothing more.

Though she would not perform well in today's lesson if she insisted on being solo.

Mathys could always count on Monsieur Dakest to arrive with a smile of some variety. It was something the man appreciated immensely, particularly given the bleakness of the curriculum he had been pigeon toed into teaching. He had intended for all lessons this month to revolve around the courting rituals of the Peteu, but alas.

Smiling, perhaps even a borderline side smirk, at the fourth year, Mathys' soon found his hand being licked by another of the gargoyles. "Encore un peu de patience, mon ami."

Ah, oui. The ever spirited Mademoiselle Grantham. Mathys was intending to keep particular watch over this mademoiselle today and would likely be separating her from Mademoiselle Blaze when it came to activity time. They fueled each other in unhealthy ways when it came to just about anything, as he had observed.

Shushing one of the gargoyles with a firm hiss through his clenched jaw, the one whom had suffered from the sparks of Mademoiselle Grantham's wand, he offered the girl a polite nod as he had the others.

At least this mademoiselle offered no scowl or looks of disgust as she entered, which earned her a slightly more casual nod of the head and accompanying tight smile from the man as he watched her find her seat.

He did catch the dissatisfied look from Monsieur Jones, but it had little impact on the man. He could only assume that it was a look in relation to the presence of the gargoyles, one that mustered up unpleasant memories for the Hogwarts students. This was their opportunity to remedy such sentiments and get a unique experience.

He simply nodded his head in acknowledgement to the young man, though the manner in which he had wrinkled his nose begged for some sort of casual commentary. "Step een something unsavory, Monsieur Jones?" he inquired with his brows raised expectantly.

The nods was easily returned, now that he had poked a little fun at one of the Hogwarts students at their own expense, and upon doing so checked the time on his watch. Tapping it thrice with his index finger, he looked back to the assembled crowd.

Just a few more minutes.

Mademoiselle Dantes was a student that puzzled Mathys time and time again, though not in a negative context. Though one could not argue that it was within a positive context either. She simply struck him as a troubled and lost mademoiselle who simply could not find her footing despite her honest efforts. Or, perhaps, it was a reluctance on her part to accept any footing.

Something that, unfortunately, the French man was not privy too.

"Bonne après-midi, Mademoiselle Dantes," he greeted in return as the gargoyle whose ear he had been tending to decided to curl up on the ground by his feet and roll a bit on its back, all four legs and sharp tail wiggling a bit in the air.

Miss James. Another peculiar mademoiselle.

Smiling a bit at her enthusiasm, finally a student who was showing the interest that the subject and the creatures deserved, he gently held his hand up in silent dismissal of her inquiry. At least for now.

"In due time, Mademoiselle James," he somewhat chuckled. Though the gargoyle at his feet was prime for such affections now and nearly whimpered in protest upon hearing its master speak. "For now, simply find a seat. S'il vous plaît."

Kneeling for just a moment to indulge the gargoyle presenting its belly (the whimpering and whining would have been insufferable otherwise), Mathys rose and rested one arm behind his back to bow politely from the waist as usual when he began lessons. "Bonsoir et bienvenue. As you can see, today you will be given ze opportunity to work weeth our gargoyles. But before we get eento zeir handling, I would first like to ask you what knowledge you possess about illnesses zat eenfect and eenheebit creatures."
OOC: This is the first question of the lesson which also means that we have officially started If you are just joining us now please do not hesitate to jump right in - catch up is always welcome no matter what stage the lesson it at. We will continue in approximately 24 hours.

It would also be immensely beneficial if you specify with whom your student characters are seated remember, there are no more than 5 people to wicker couch!
Bernadette HEARD that gargoyle growling, that SAME ONE who had bitten down on her wand. She was willing to bet it was the ugliest, most LOYAL dumb dog-pet-bird-thing to the Headmistress here. She would put A WHOLE COOKIE on that bet; nay, A DOZEN COOKIES.

Stupid Ogden or whatever his name was. Anyway, what--- uh, hmm. What ILLNESSES could creatures get? She could think of several, but was busy side-eying the gargoyle still, and wondering if he wanted to know illnesses that were specifically related to them...?

"They can burn their mouths," the first year pointed out quietly, HAND RAISED and all that jazz. "Mouth sores are an illness." Yeah, just ask her older brother. BADDUMPSSSH.
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