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SPOILER!!: Valentin! <3
Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
After the last time he tried to get a cappuccino from the Atrium cart had led to him wrangling acromantula, Valentin avoided the area around the Fountain of Brethren lest he get roped into another rescue mission. Valentin was a lot of things, but a hero was not on his resume. Well…maybe it was now. Because he had sure been instrumental with rescuing those people at the playground. Be that as it may, it wasn’t an experience that Valentin wished to recreate anytime soon. Nope. Valentin wasn’t an ‘in the field’ kind of wizard. He preferred the comfort of a desk chair and hot cup of coffee.

So, sipping a cappuccino that he had gotten on his way into the Ministry from a vendor in Trafalgar Square, Valentin leaned against the wall of the lift as he read an owl post from the Ministčre des Affaires Magiques de la France. It seemed like things were a little off at home and, well, Valentin was happy he wasn’t there to have to deal with it. That being said, he was fielding some complaints regarding the shenanigans of the British students who were being schooled at Beauxbaton.

It hadn’t been such a bad week for Sachin. In fact, even work had slowed down a bit which allowed him to deal with pressing issues more efficiently by giving them more of his time and attention. But overall, things were just going well for him at the moment. He really was grateful for it.

Sachin stood in the lift with the only other occupant. Naturally, he knew whom he was as they were both Ambassadors but seeing as Valentin was busy reading the paper, Sachin decided to be quiet and leave the other man to it. Today was just another day were he had issues to update Conley on- work issues, not any personal kind. Just thinking about Conley made him smile and he absently spun the silver ring on the finger of his left hand slowly around. His brown eyes were lowered and fixed on what he considered the most important ring he had ever owned to date. A bit of his dark hair was falling onto his face but he hardly seemed to notice.
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