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Usually, Lucas really liked theory lessons. They were less likely to be dangerous and he could guarantee that he wouldn't be getting nervous over the tiniest parts of these lessons. Plus, he had a feeling he knew why. Or could guess why. Did the Headmistress of Beauxbatons say something? She did look pretty angry after that........ well.

But after a while? After a while, even he was starting to find the theory lessons to be boring and growing less and less excited for these lessons as time went by. They were okay but every lesson? Not even the animations had been enough to make them exciting. And Care of Magical Creatures was supposed to be exciting.

So it was a nice surprise when Nostredame mentioned that something different was happening this lesson.

It might be because of this reason that Lucas was smiling a bit more today. Or because this was still Professor Nostredame's lesson and the man was....... well. He had a face that the boy didn't mind spending the hour or two staring at. The only part that ruined it were the gargoyles that were on either side of Nostredame, acting like...... his bodyguards? Yeah, he was confused too.

For the time being, he gave Nostredame a wide smile - act cool, Dakest, act cool - as he went to find a seat on a wicker sofa. Somewhere....... somewhere. Anywhere. Sitting down, he tried his hardest not to look like he was staring but as if he was just..... ready for the lesson. Yeah. That's what it was.
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