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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Becca could guess very well how she looked in the man across the desk's eyes. She was grimacing in pain and that had never been a good look for her as her grandmother kept reminding her on visits. Moving her foot around in her heeled boot Becca plastered on a weak smile. "Yes, I'm okay or I will be when my toes stop hurting and swelling. Desk legs are hard." And hitting into one was not to be advised when you didn't have steeled boots.

"I like the department's warm feel so far. Everyone is welcoming and helpful and that's a big plus when you are new and don't know anyone." Becca replied as she took a few steps back and to the side to not accidentally hit her foot again on Sloane's desk."It's nice to meet you too Sloane! Have you worked with dragons long?" Sloane's last name went into one ear and out the other. She was good with names but surnames she didn't put to memory unless if it was for boss people like Miss Li.

"Have you seen all those prophet articles about creatures in Diagon Alley?" Becca wondered. It was an easy way to continue the small talking onwards.

Sloane sympathised. Infact, he was impressed by the fact that the only thing the woman had done was make a face. If he his his toes on a chair or his elbow on a door, he had the mouth of a sailor - so much so that his Dad groaned. Whoops. He was used to being surrounded by those who worked with Dragons on a daily basis, they all lived on the same barracks and ate from the same mess. You ended up family before anything else, willing and ready to stand between them and an angry dragon if the need arose.

“I hope that they don’t swell too much - or if they do, that you have a good draught handy… I believe there are some to hand in the medical box??” It wouldn’t be the first time he had gone to that box for a scrape that wasn’t enough to go to a healer. “Though, I guess we can be thankful you were wearing shoes.” He cracked a small smile at the woman, trying to lighten the subject … even slightly.

He nodded. Though, he’d been here a few years already… he still didn’t know everyone. It didn’t help that he was out in the field as much as he could be. He didn’t want any dragons to get hurt and he would work every hour of the day to make sure they were all safe if he needed too. Though he’d rather not have the paperwork to do with that but he knew how important it was - both for the Reserve’s taking the dragons in, and for the Ministry paper trail.

“They won’t see you stuck if you are lost.” He nodded. “Not sure out department, but in general. If you can’t find anything, just ask anyone with an ID badge or the security officers that roam the halls. Anyone that you see will try to help or at the very least point you in the right direction of where you can get the answers you need.” He was rambling. Whoops.

He nodded instantly. “Since I was old enough,” He grinned cheekily at her. “I would have worked with them sooner if I could have. My aunt works on a Reserve in Wales, so I worked with them for two Summers until I graduated then I moved to Romania.” The rest was history.

His smile faded as he frowned. “I have… I’m still not entirely sure where they all descended from … or if we are managing to round them up and rehome them.” He shrugged a little. “I’m sure Miss Li and the correct divisions will have their plans -- so far I haven’t heard anything about dragons in London.” Well, outwith Gringotts at least. But that was another thing altogether and he had a thought or two about that.
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