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SPOILER!!: Rebecca
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Rebecca was still very new to her job and thus still found all matters related to spirits fun and interesting to dig deep into. What she had come to not like as much was the related paperwork and the fact that places to house relocated spirits weren’t exactly growing on trees. It wasn’t hard to understand why few wizards wanted to share a home with a boggart or banshee but it made things harder for her to do her job. Rebecca needed to write a proposal to Miss Li for a spirit housing facility it’d a good way to go. More research was needed though before she could present anything.

With her mind on the sad banshee that she had relocated this morning Rebecca didn’t see the man sitting at his desk until she slammed her left foot into the right leg of his desk. Grimacing in sudden pain Becca’s eyes focused on the man mumbling. "Sorry, i wasn’t looking or thinking about where i was going." Perfect now her toes probably would grow to double size. Wasn’t it enough with a scraped scalp? "I'm Rebecca by the way. New in the spirits division..." she introduced herself thinking it'd make up for her abrupt appearance.

Sloane had had enough time to cross the office, slip into his seat and open the wallet of information that he had in front of him so that he could begin to read and fill in the blank spots that he had left yesterday when he had started to write this report. However before his eyes had finished the first sentence, there was a bang and a woman was right in front of him - face pulled into a pinch of pain -- obviously holding back a few choice words.

He stood up to greet her, one hand braced on the desk as he looked at her, ”That’s okay… No harm done.” He paused. ”Are you okay, Miss…?” If he had met her before, he couldn’t remember her name. He was horrible with faces, though he could tell you the distinctive markings of every dragon he had worked with over the past twenty plus years.

He hoped they hadn’t met, he hoped he didn’t offend her.

Rebecca. They hadn’t met - that was great to hear. At least he hadn’t forgotten. ”Hello.” He said with a small smile, pulling up at the slightest corner. ”It is nice to meet you, Rebecca.” RebeccaRebeccaRebecca. ”How are you enjoying the department?” Conversation made you forget pain and distracted you… Right? He hoped so, because he really wasn’t the biggest fan of small talk. Yet here he was. Small talk-ing.

”Sloane.” He said, nodding his head at her. ”Sloane Eris. Dragons.” It was all about the dragons.
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