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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Perceval Ducasse ; 2099

Perceval had promised his father he wouldn't do magic. The Americans don't play around, and who knows how much money Yves Ducasse would have to pay to get his son back to France. Problem was, the blonde woman in the tie dye dress was getting away.

"Impedimenta!" Perceval cast and watched the woman fall to the ground. Perceval's English was passable at best, but as he knelt down to speak to his mother for the first time, he found the words as if they were in his mother tongue.

"You owe me an explanation, Maman."

Hyacinth Keaton looked at her son with terror. "No, Falcon. I'm not your mother."

Perceval's vision turned crimson. "You ARE, you LIAR. You ARE my mother, you gave BIRTH to me. You DISAPPEARED."

Tears appeared in Hyacinth's eyes, equal to his own. "I did. But I am not what you need. Go no, Falcon, go now and forget me. This is not your home. I will never-" but the jinx lifted before she could finish and the wrinkled woman disappeared.

Teardrops stained the pavement, and he cursed before fleeing his crime scene. In the alien city of his mother, Perceval Faucon cried.

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