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SPOILER!!: Andrei
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

He had seen all kind of bizarre creatures and scenes in his line of work with the Russian Ministry, but this moment right now was the most surreal experience of his life to date. In some ways it felt like finally coming home to a piece of himself that he had lost a long time again, so familiar that he still had every hue of her doe-like brown eyes memorized. In others, it was like gazing at a complete stranger. He was not sure which was the more predominant feeling as he held his breath and took a step closer.

Instinct and memory had his limbs wishing to hold her, memory and respect of very defined boundaries still his arms' movements. And then he found words leaving his lips before he even realized it. "...I had to see for myself...that you are okay."

For the briefest of moments she was confused. It had been so long, and they hadn't spoken at all, why would he be coming here now to check on her? Why would he bother after ev-

Then it hit her that somehow he knew. Maybe his uncle had mentioned it? That or perhaps it had been in a paper he'd browsed, though she wouldn't have been mentioned specifically. And what she'd seen, that part of him deep down inside that had torn him up and ripped them apart, he couldn't have known that it was that part of him that came for her that day. He couldn't have known and yet he was looking at her like he did.

She searched his face, wanting more information but not knowing how to ask for what she needed. It was funny, she'd imagined what it might be like to see him again and a million things she'd wanted to say used to come to mind, but being face-to-face like this, it wasn't as easy. Words were hard.

"How did you know, Andrei?" Her voice was soft when she spoke. What she really wanted to ask was how much did he know?
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