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Adi smiled and pecked Benny on the cheek. “But they’re true words.’’ He said them because of that and not just because he thought that Benny wanted to hear them. The smile remained in place when his other half turned to face him. Man, that handsome face of his… Adi could gaze at it all day and all night. He resisted the urge to grab Benny again and hold him tight. “Perfect. I’ll fix a huge lunch right away.’’ Because he was going to be a good husband and allow Benny some extra time to rest.

Then again…

Adi always was a good husband.

“Anything in particular that you want, babe?’’ He himself was already thinking of chicken salad sandwiches (heavy on the chicken) with coca cola. Nope, his sweet tooth hadn’t diminished with his age. Adi followed Benny away from the twins’ room.
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