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Originally Posted by Magical Soul View Post
Owls as pets? Duncan thought about it for a moment, looking at the owl on the man's shoulder and how it moved when he moved. He climbed on the stool as his dad told him, which got him closer to the man behind the counter. "But... you can't sleep with an owl. They fly away a lot." He was asking but in a way that didn't show he didn't know. And to be honest, having an owl was a better option than a pygmy puff.

The wax seal? Wow. Duncan, smiling, took the stamp and waited for his father to place the wax in the proper place. "A yellow one?" Not even a boyish color, like brown or blue. He pressed the stamp onto the wax, being super slow but also strong once the stamp hit the letter, his eyes were so closely monitoring the process his nose almost touched the stamp. "But don't you feel that you shouldn't have gotten a yellow pygmy puff?"
Thanks a lot, pirate man, for putting the idea into Dunk's head that he now needed an owl. "That's true. Owls are more like... working pets," he tried to explain, also attempting to think of a way to talk his kid out of wanting one. He glanced at the post office employee and gave him a subtle shake of the head. C'mon man, work with him here. "Owls also..." Also, also, also what?? "They poop a lot," Fletcher decided, starting to work on the next letter, envelope, and wax. He passed the hot envelope to his son. "You'd have to clean up ALL the owl poop, and all the feathers they shed, and all the dead mice they bring you...."

That's right, hadn't his kid just wanted a rat? "They totally eat rats, by the way." Now Fletcher spared a glance for the owl itself. It wasn't going to like, peck him, was it? He mouthed a silent SORRY its way just in case, right over Dunk's head so he wouldn't see. The Fletchers simply didn't need another owl; their building had plenty of free ones to borrow. Plus he LIKED having an excuse to get out of the house and come to the post office. Having a family owl would take that joy away.

A pygmy puff was a much more suitable choice for Lil Dunk. "Yep, a yellow one." Right, it didn't match him at all, ha bloody ha. "I was a Hufflepuff, you see." Fletcher passed him his last letter to seal. "Hufflepuffs like gold things and their house colors are yellow and black. And yellow is like gold, the color of money." Dunk knew that; everyone knew golden things were good. But back to the pygmy puff thing. "Don't tell your mum this, but I bet a pygmy puff would eat the vegetables you don't like right off your plate."
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