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And let the games begin!

Chip took his seat next to Leon and watched as the contestants scrambled to be the first to grab the cake pop examples of their choosing. "Always so interesting to see who chooses what, don't you think?" he asked of his fellow judge, and of the studio audience. He was meant to be providing commentary after all. "Surprising choice for the Quidditch queen." One might think the broom and the snitch for Rapunzel, but perhaps a couple of the other ladies had gotten to the snitches first. "Let's hope that doesn't cause any bad blood." Ha ha ha.

They all seemed to have a good start, even skirting around the jumping chocolate issue, and seemed to have little issue figuring out the ingredients even with the lack of detail or labels. But... really, where was the fun in that? And just before the midway point, "Time to talk with our lovely home bakers!"

Leon was welcome to join and speak with them as well, but Chip jumped over the judge table and headed to Grace's station first. "Looks like you have plenty of chocolate, Grace! Have you ever made cake pops before?" He noticed the Quidditch theme she had going on, causing him to wonder if she had her own sport aspirations, or if she was simply trying to throw Rapunzel off her game. Ah, good times! He loved healthy competition.

And speaking of Rapunzel, she was next in line for Chip to check on. "I see you were not quite quick enough to catch that snitch," he said as he stepped over to her station, donning a very sympathetic expression, though his eyes flashed with amusement. Get it? Hilarious word play there. He didn't even know if she had been a seeker, but it still worked. "Though maybe the cake pop maker will give you an advantage." Maybe. It didn't seem like the others chose to use that piece of equipment, at least not yet, though it didn't necessarily mean anything. Results still remained to be seen.

Chip jumped over to Minerva's station next. "How's it going over here?" he asked, noting that she seemed to get right to work, mixing her ingredients. "Easier without the ankle-biters tugging at your apron strings? Or are they mum's little helpers?" Of course, he was just bantering, although he didn't have any children of his own and could not imagine trying to bake with young ones underfoot. But Minerva appeared to be an expert.

And then Kurumi, the part house elf. Chip suddenly appeared at her station. "Trying to flatter the competition? Now there's a strategy." Heh. Would it work though? Possibly. The young woman seemed to bounce all over the place as she gathered and mixed and baked. Well. He leaned over her counter as he peered at her cakes. "Lime zest? Bold choice." Would it pay off? Only time, and his taste buds, would tell.

"TEN MINUTES!" he called out to the contestants, reminding them of how much time they had left. And now that they were at the ten minute mark, it was time for a holiday surprise! "What is Christmas without the Christmas carols, am I right, contestants?" Oh yes, he knew he was!

And with that, dozens of wood nymphs flittered out into each of the bakers stations, loudly singing Christmas carols - not all of them the same song and several of them off-key. Several wood nymphs for each station, flittering around the cakes and ingredients as they serenaded them, not trying to cause chaos, but would likely make things a tad more difficult. Hopefully the bakers could bake and decorate around them!

And you know what? Leon was right - ice cream did go well with cake. Chip summoned them both a couple bowls before returning to his seat so he could watch the rest of the round. Keep going, bakers!

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