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A character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot. (Note: Villains must be evil). Therefore, a villain-protagonist is an evil protagonist.

So after three days, voting has come to a close and we have ourselves four winners!

In third place, we have a TIE, with the lovely Cassirin and her siggy that's just a little bit on the Darth side:

As well as the beautiful sweetpinkpixie and a grungey look on someone who is probably as evil as Voldemort himself:

In second place, we have the talented Cassirin and her take on the woman we all love to hate:

Finally, in first place, we have the amazing, laurange and her truly heartbreaking siggy (shut up I'm not crying):

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in this round! Whether it was through making one of the beautiful siggies or by voting for your favourites, your participation really means a lot to me. Iím still so giddy about this turnout and all the beautiful siggies eeeeee

Want to know whoís behind one of your other favourites? Iíve got your back! If you want to wear any of the creations, make sure to credit accordingly! ^^

SPOILER!!: Youíre all winners in my eyes <3

Entry 01: Cassirin
Entry 02: Suziella
Entry 03: sweetpinkpixie
Entry 04: SilverTiger
Entry 05: Cassirin
Entry 06: sweetpinkpixie
Entry 07: laurange
Entry 08: Suziella
Entry 09: SilverTiger
Entry 10: Suziella
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