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Default ZachaŽl welcome :)

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
It had been difficult choosing which of his owls would accompany him this evening, Nuria was out of the question given her recent and somewhat erratic behavior, but ultimate he had elected to go with Furmgoat due to his coloring being the sort to match his suit's aesthetic. That and the tawny owl was the most well trained as long he kept the treats coming - which he had a pocket full of. He was actually hoping to have a word with the new Creatures head...if he could find them around here.

Would probably help if he knew who he was looking for and what they looked like. He probably should have read the Prophet for this sort of thing. The paper came through the Owl Post daily so it was not as though the opportunity were not there or anything.

Twisting some of his brown curls around his finger, ZachaŽl wanted to just hang around the perimeters and not engage like he usually did at these sorts of stuffy formal functions...but he would probably drive himself mad doing so. So, after grabbing himself a juice of some sort and giving the owl on his shoulder another treat to placate his temperament, the shop owner took a breath and approached the closest group...who happened to be discussing the auction. Well, that was...somewhat of an easy in for him with conversation then seeing as he had two items on the list.

"Evening and salutations," he greeted with a nod of the head while he removed the hand from his hair to stroked the tawny owl's chest lovingly while his bright blue eyes danced between the three ladies. "I cannot say that I know much in the way of brooms." Read: he knew absolutely nothing about brooms unless they were the sort used for sleeping. "But I hear that the stationary set being offered up are truly a one of a kind product."
Alba was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed, there were people everyone where, so many people, so many wands out and about, again not something she was used to. And then a gentleman with an owl on his arm joined them. "Well hello Sir." She added with a smile, he said something about brooms??? "I know nothing of brooms." She added, "My feet stay firming on the ground" Whew ... not that was out of the way. "I do like stationary though." Alba added turning around to see if she could find the item. "What's your owl's name?" She added with a smile, she liked owls to... in fact she needed to get herself one now that she was going to be in the wizard community full time. "I'm in need of an owl." She continued ... okay .. was she babbling?????
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