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Though he had no intentions on placing a bet on anything, he still continued to look at the items. The blank look remained on his face, which surely contrasted that of the others that were looking around. Being out in public, it was nonetheless important that he at least appeared to be browsing. So the man gave that list of department heads another read while internally pitying the scenarios that were bound to come from the auction as a result. Auctioning oneself for money, for charity, was such a strange concept to him. It seemed rather tacky.

Dante's attention was suddenly pulled away from the items before him. This he welcomed, though he wouldn't say he was pleased about it. Socialising just for the sake of it was a waste, or so his father had raised him to believe. But, even so, he had to remind himself of the British way of doing things the feelings of others were important, and not everything was done strictly for business purposes.

He blinked twice, taking in the sight of the man who had spoken to him, before providing a response. "Joining the auction? No. Nothing here that's really of personal interest," Dante stated rather honestly. "Yourself, Monsieur...?"


"I can imagine he is. Seems like it," he commented, casting a quick glance over at the Minister before slipping a forkful of food into his mouth. "At least the food is making quite a statement this year," Frankie added as an extra detail after swallowing and diving his fork toward his plate to get another mouthful of nutritious delicacies.

While Emilia shared the details of her holiday with her family, the blond continued to fill his face (an Auror has to eat, after all) and he nodded his head at all the right moments. "Sounds like a good time." There was a brief pause as a slipped a spoon into his mouth and chewed on whatever had been scooped up. It was at this time he caught Alexa nodding at them, which he politely returned with a nod of his own.

Following a big gulp, the utensil in his hand was set on his plate. "My holiday was excellent, actually. Had a nice Christmas with the family, and then my wife went into labor on New Years Eve and we brought a little girl into the world shortly after midnight struck." At this point Frankie was beaming as he pulled out a picture from his wallet that featured the new babe, Hady, and his three other children.

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