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Hey Guys, I'm so sorry for whatever happened that I somehow posted the same chapter as last week. So now we're a chapter behind. I'm so sorry. Here is the chapter that was supposed to be posted last week. I hope you enjoy it. It is very short.

Chapter 6

Harry Is Ignored By Ginny And Lily; But Not In Anger

Carson said, “I'll monitor your condition weekly if that is agreeable with you. I'd love to stay and keep an eye on you but I'm needed on Atlantis. John will let me know if you need anything and you can do the same with John.”

Harry became more interested in what Carson was saying and quickly asked what happened to John that he needed to be watched. Carson told him about John and Ron fighting. “They worked it out and are on friendly terms again, but John's neck was sprained and although Lily healed the burns and the spine was re-aligned, the area is inflamed and he's naturally suffering debilitating headaches. He's grounded from flying until this clears up. I'm not one hundred percent sure he will have positive results from his therapy I've instructed for him. I left some x-ray scans on the counter in your lab.”

“What was he and Ron fighting about?”

Carson sighed and said, “John wasn't happy with Ron's insensitivity to you and your condition. But, it was the curse making him behave the way he did. Ron was quite upset with himself and was going to turn in his badge and go to prison. But John said he wouldn't press charges, and they've been friends again ever since. They worked out some things with information Wes brought over last night. It's all good now; and a lot of John's problem is depression from being grounded. I don't know what will happen if he can't ever be a pilot again.”

Harry said, “I'll look at the x-rays and see if there's any magic that I can do for him. Thanks Carson for all your help.” He started to put a shirt on and then stopped and asked, “Did Ron use magic on John?”

Carson didn't want to answer at first but then said, “Aye, Lad, he did. But only because John was beating on him. Ron had it coming, the things he said and the way he was acting. But then again, he was under the influence of the curse. It really is all settled now, Lad.”

Harry's eyes were dark with displeasure but he nodded his head to acknowledge he understood Carson. He put his shirt on and walked out of his bedroom and went downstairs. Rodney and John were talking quietly at the foot of the stairs and looked up smiling at Harry coming down.

“I was just telling John that I'd need to do quite a lot of cataloging on the new maps and stuff before I could begin to do any exploring. So, you know, he won't miss out on anything and I'll get more done without him there to constantly bother me with missions and stuff.”

Harry's lips turned up slightly in the corners but he wasn't as merry as Rodney was.

John looked at Harry and swallowed hard. His voice was scratchy sounding hence the reason he and Rodney had been talking quietly. “Harry, I'm sorry I lit into Ron. I know you don't want-”

Harry interrupted and said, “Save your voice, John, I'm not mad at you. I know Ron can be a jerk even if he isn't cursed. Whatever reason you had to swing on him is between the two of you and Carson said it has been resolved so nothing else needs to be said.”

Carson came down carrying all his equipment in a case in his left hand and his duffle bag slung over his shoulder. They shook hands and as soon as Teyla and Tazmia came inside with Ginny and Lily they all said good bye and left; Carson taking the Pilots chair before Rodney got to it.

John and Harry chuckled at the squabbling that began; Rodney thinking he should be the one to get them home. Harry looked at the cabin behind the pool and it disappeared. John arched an eyebrow and said, “Umm buddy, my things were in there.”

Harry said, “I'm sorry, if you want to stay in the cabin I'll get it back out. I put your things in the spare room.”

John said it was fine, he was happy to stay in the house with them. Harry looked over at Ginny and then Lily expecting them to say something but they didn't. Their face turned red when he looked at them. He looked back at John and said, “I reckon I'll look at the x-rays Carson left and see what's going on with your head.”

He looked back at Ginny and Lily with longing in his eyes but they both only slightly smiled and turned away from him. “We're going swimming for a while, and the boys are helping Marston in the stable. One of the mares is having her colt and I thought it'd be a good thing to distract them from... things going on.”

Harry said, “What things are going on?”

Ginny made like she didn't hear him and went on outside. Harry looked after them for a minute and then looked at John. “Do you know what she's talking about?”

John shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't have a clue. They went into the study and Harry looked at some envelopes on his desk from the mail and then they went on into his lab. He picked up the x-ray and put it up against the wall and made it light up the x-rays so he could read it. John looked closely at it and said, “Carson said it looks like it should for what happened to me, but he also said something isn't right with it.”

“What magic did Ron use against you? Just describe it to me if you didn't hear what he said.”

John said, “Well, he shouted something but not expecting him to use magic I wasn't paying attention. He'd been saying things and then he was cursing me, I mean things people say when they're mad at someone, cursing; not magic cursing. So I was only watching the way he moved. All at once when I was going after his gut and ribs he shouted something and I couldn't move and then he shouted something else and I was flying backwards and hit one of the trees the hammock is tied up to. Then I bounced off of that and fell into the hammock. I still couldn't move and I was wrapping up in the ropes until I finally stopped. By then I was just hanging by my neck, still unable to move. I think that's when the curse broke on Ron because he ran to me and cut the ropes I was hanging from and I could hear him shouting my name and he was trying to see if I was hurt and found out I wasn't breathing. For a second I thought he was going to give me mouth to mouth, but then he blew air into my lungs with his wand. That was weird, but I'm glad he did it; saved my life. After he brought me around; clearing my head of the fuzziness he told me he was sorry. He really didn't know why he did what he did. He told me I had special rights as a Muggle and I could press charges. He said he would hand in his badge and wand today and he's just relieved he didn't kill me. He said something curious though.”

Harry looked away from the x-ray and asked what it was he said. “Well, he said that when he was using magic on me he was screaming inside his head to stop that it was wrong to use magic on me because we are friends and I mean so much to you and that I was a Muggle.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “He doesn't know what happened because he's never been able to break a curse before, but he did it right then. He would have killed you if he hadn't broken the curse.”

Harry took a deep breath and turned his attention back to the x-ray. He enlarged a group of muscles and ligaments until it appeared like single strands of very thick thread. He moved the picture over several inches until the strands looked different.
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