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Default 100 drabbles for Marsha Hanover - SA16+

Hello! It’s Tori with another attempt at writing drabbles.

I think I've attempted only one set before on SS, though I've completed many over the years off site for Sha's Grandparents and extended family. This time however, I’m confident with Sha, I’ll be successful. Considering I’ve been RPing her for almost 25 IC years, and her family for generations besides, there is plenty in her past that I have floating around in my head and I’m excited to let you all see some snippets of her past.

Please note, most of Marsha's drabbles will be SA13+, however I have at least one written that I wanted to cover with the SA16+ rating.

Thank you for coming to read her adventure, I hope you enjoy it!

DISCLAIMER! The beautiful world of magic belongs to JK Rowling. Marsha Hanover and her insanely large family belong to me, but there are several characters that belong to others who are integral to her story. Any characters that do not belong to me will only be added with express permission from their RPers and listed in this post. Sha wouldn’t be who she is, without them.

⁂ ⁂ ⁂ ⁂ ⁂ ⁂ ⁂

⁂ GROUP 3 ⁂
I. Gilt II. Nobility III. Rushing IV. Warmth V. Crimson VI. Righteous VII. Fury VIII. Sword IX. Kingdom X. Roar

⁂ GROUP 5 ⁂
I. Barrels II. Tickle the pear III. Overstuffed armchair IV. Duffer V. Midnight feast VI. Pay it forward VII. Broom polishing kit VIII. Buddy system IX. Dedicated X. Potato

⁂ GROUP 8 ⁂
I. Spring II. Summer III. Fall IV. Feast V. Winter VI. Snowball VII. Yule Ball VIII. Orchideous IX. Lumos X. Nox

⁂ GROUP 9 ⁂
I. Fire II. Water III. Earth IV. Air V. Wood VI. Metal VII. Flagrate VIII. Duro IX. Aguamenti X. Wingardium Leviosa

⁂ GROUP 10 ⁂
I. Feather II. Hoof III. Gallop IV. Horn V. Fur VI. Slither VII. Scale VIII. Talon IX. Soar X. Prance

⁂ GROUP 14 ⁂
I. Muggle Studies II. Ancient Runes III. Divination IV. Care of Magical Creatures V. Arithmancy VI. Dragonhide gloves VII. Duel VIII. Quidditch IX. Hogsmeade X. Apparition

⁂ GROUP 16 ⁂
I. Patronus II. Wand III. Boggart IV. Expelliarmus V. Incarcerous VI. Dumbledore's Army VII. Undetectable Extension Charm VIII. Unbreakable Vow IX. Unite X. Stupefy

⁂ GROUP 18 ⁂
I. Sorting Hat II. Telescope III. Quill IV. Dress robes V. Common room VI. Whomping Willow VII. Portraits VIII. Headmaster IX. Staircase X. Dungeon

⁂ GROUP 19 ⁂
I. Veela II. Kneazle III. House elf IV. Owl V. Pureblood VI. Muggle VII. Animagus VIII. Thestrals IX. Leprechaun X. Goblin

⁂ GROUP 21 ⁂
I. Mirror of Erised II. Amortentia III. Expecto Patronum IV. Legilimens V. Specialis Revelio VI. Extendable Ears VII. Anti-Cheating Quill VIII. Omnioculars IX. Prior Incantato X. Prophecy

Other Characters
aderyn morgan née hanover ___
aj valentine ___
bella drechsler ___
benedetta behrmann, neé blane ___
vincent krum ___

⁂ ⁂ ⁂ ⁂ ⁂ ⁂ ⁂

3.IX ___ ✵ kingdom ✵
___ may 2079

“Bow before your King!” The boy stood with his hands on his hips, expecting her to kneel or bow… or something.

Marsha made a face and stuck her own hands on her hips. “Why don’t you kneel before the Queen?” Of another Kingdom though, because she didn’t like the boy from across the fields.

“This is my Kingdom!” He argued.

“I’m still not bowing. You aren’t better than me.” She crossed her arms, stubbornly. “We are equal. I’m here for negotiations over the Horses and Ponies in your stable.”

He huffed, nose in the air. “Fine.”
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