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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Gunnar was not lost and he was not exploring the palace, but he was in need of a quiet, out-of-the-way place to do some homework and maybe some privacy later. And as a result of his prefect duties, he had become fairly accustomed to many of the nooks and crannies of Beauxbatons, some of which were less populous than others.

Less populous was exactly what he needed today, staying away from the broom closet also known as his dorm as much as he could, and the library was as crowded as ever. But Gunnar had found that the Hall of Candelabras was often fairly quiet at certain times of the day, and while it was a strange little place, it was interesting and oddly beautiful at the same time.

As he entered the hallway, the Slytherin prefect noticed the Muggle Studies professor already sat on a bench there. Schmoe, wasn't it? He didn't take Muggle Studies, but he was familiar enough that he knew who he was.

"Hello, Professor," he nodded at the man before taking a seat on an opposite bench, soon noting the floating tray of teacups next to him. Oh no, was he expecting company? Was there a professor tea party due to arrive? Perhaps he had picked the wrong time to come here to do his homework.

Here's the issue with having a professor to student ratio of like 1:500million, they all know you but you certainly do not know all of them. And so he had NO idea who Gunnar was aside from a name he could assume based off the prefect badge and the boy's robes. Slytherin Prefect. There were not many of those, y'know? "Hello Mr. McCarthy," he bobbed his head awkwardly, looking at a spot just beyond the boy's right ear.

"Er.... Would you like some tea?" He had a lot of it. A whole SET!

Finneas gestured to the floating entourage with his wobbly, noodly arms. Ho, ho, ho. Nothing better than tea and dripping wax! The wax added flavor. Sometimes. Well, no. Not flavor. But it DID add texture and there was nothing better than chewy tea, it had a sort of je ne sais quoi .

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