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Default dibs on the brooms n beans
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"A-ha-ha-ha-ha!" Rapunzel laughed right back at Chip. Wasn't he just a chip.... of like, a the kind you put in cookies? Ha. Such a friendly Chip.

Oh Merlin, they were really getting started RIGHT NOW. Breathe, breathe, breathe, Punz! Her eyes popped a bit as Chip revealed the cake pops they had to recreate, but Punz was no dummy; she rushed for the cake pops and was just centimeters behind that younger girl, who grabbed the Snitches Punz wanted. Of course! Punz thought about cobbing young Grace Bones, but let's face it, the girl lived up to her name and was a bony thing. Instead, Rapunzel snatched the remaining broomsticks and the Bertie Botts bean pots. Both looked slightly untidy and DEFINITELY easier than the Sorting hats. She felt bad for whoever was slowest and had to make those.

Her cake pops in hand, she rushed back to her station to get to work. It wouldn't be that difficult to glue a few beans on top of cake pops, right? Er? Did they have edible glue here?

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