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A character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot. (Note: Villains must be evil). Therefore, a villain-protagonist is an evil protagonist.

For the second round, we're going to kick off with graphics involving a villain, this time. Whether they're a protagonist or an antagonist, this is someone who has evil intentions that are crucial to the plot . Remember that they're different from your typical antihero and should be considered as such.

The point is to get you thinking about character traits and what makes a character evil enough to be considered a villain. But before you jump right in, please make sure to keep these unforgivable vows in mind:

  • Your entries must fit into the size requirements for a signature: max 450x200 and under 60 kb
  • You are allowed up to THREE entries
  • They do not have to be for the same character. I donít mind
  • You have 7 days to owl (PM) your entries to me (hermionesclone). So, your entries must be in by 23rd October, 11:59pm GMT+1.
  • Entries must be kept ANONYMOUS. You cannot tell other snatchers which creations are yours or give clues about them, whether itís through posts/VM/PM/tweets/etc. Trust me, I will know
  • And lastly, have fun!

Good luck! I canít wait to see these diabolical creations!

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