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SPOILER!!: Kurumi Rasting
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
She was not entirely sure what had prompted her to accept the invitation to participate in Bewitched It! but it had very little to do with the galleon reward. Then again, 5000 galleons was nothing to stick one's nose up at and could really go a long way in a household of seven as well as the much needed supplies on the reservation. Several of their incubation united had recently been incinerated by some hatchlings who had learned to breath fire a bit earlier than anticipated, and apparently the fireproofing spells had worn off. So there were damages expenses, metal charmers to pay, and a whole other slough of thing to tick of the list that needed paying for.

But, here she was, Kurumi Rasting, and it was apparently her turn to speak.

"Hello," she greeted with a small waved followed quickly by a polite bow. "I'm Kurumi Rasting, dragonologist and head Fertility Specialist at the Galloway Rehabilitation Reserve. I'm a mother of five and a home cook, selling some of my baked creations in the gift shop at the reservation. I was known as Cookie Girl during my time at Hogwarts and it was rumored that I was part house elf." Pauses a moment because...this was the moment where they were meant to serve a cheesy sort of baking pun that also solicited a bit of banter between herself and her fellow competitors, right? " I really know how to clean up the competition."
"Part house elf?" Chip gave Mrs. Rasting a rather bemused but very amused look at that interesting little anecdote. "I guess you'd have to be to accomplish all of that - mother of five, dragonologist, and gift shop baker? Wow!" He punctuated his exclamation with a fist punch to the air. Wait, house elves slept sometimes, right? "But we'll see if that will give you an advantage over your competition." He gave her a wink, then turned to the next contestant.

SPOILER!!: Rapunzel Black-Lee
Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!

Rapunzel Ariel Black-Lee was here with her Santa hat, Santa apron, and little Santa oven mitts, ready to bake up a storm! She was no Cookie girl, but she was athletic and enthusiastic about sugar, so that was... something! The former Chaser and coach for the Chudley Cannons had needed no introduction, really. Some of the viewers probably recognized her, even though she hadn't been on the pitch in a hot minute. Punz was used to the limelight, but she did falter slightly when all eyes were suddenly turned toward her. What's my line again?

"Ho ho hello!" she began, attempting her best Santa chuckle. No one was chuckling with her though, so it was awkward. "I'm Rapunzel Ariel Black-Lee," because yes, she did always go by her full name, "and you may recognize me from the most winning seasons the Chudley Cannons ever had! But today I'm here to rep all the home bakers out there who have walked into Honeydukes and thought, 'I could make that!' Yes, at home I am just like you! I won't make any promises because I don't like to keep score in the kitchen, but as we say on the pitch... " She paused for dramatic effect and also to flash her brilliant smile at the camera. "Let's all just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!" She laughed with a toss of her blonde hair and mimed crossing the two fingers on her oven mitt, holding her fake laugh until the host moved on to the next person.

Whew, alright. She could breathe again!
"My, my, and here I thought I was the celebrity!" Chip gave Mrs. Black-Lee a laugh. Sure, it was a stage laugh, but it was a jovial one all the same. "We're sure glad to have you here though. And we'll see if you sizzle in the kitchen as much as you did on the pitch!" Wink, wink. Just a little culinary pun. He was known for those.

SPOILER!!: Grace Bones-Miarkos
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
If asked a month or so ago if she classified herself as an 'amateur baker', Grace Bones-Miarkos would have scoffed. More than scoffed, really, she would have given a withering look and a hair toss. But today, now, with that great big gorgeous prize, Gracie B. was all about bread and cake and hot cross buns.

With her hair pulled back in mussed plaits and artfully drawn freckles, young Gracie B. was going for 'the delightful youngest contestant, the girl next door'. A fan favorite, right? Oh, was it her turn? "Hi! I'm Gracie Bones! I'm a recent graduate of Hogwarts and I'm studying... art." That was all basically true, if recent was relative. "Even though I'm super busy with my studies, I love to bake for my family and friends. It's such a great way to show the people you love how much they mean to you, and it's a real creative outlet. I feel so lucky to be here!"

This level of enthusiasm was exhausting.
And the next contestant was... an actual child. "I hope you're not skipping any classes to bake with us today!" Chip teased her gently, keeping his overly large grin. But no, really, was she? "Those art studies might come in handy today. Decorating is a very important part of baking, of course!" Almost as important as taste, or even equally so.

SPOILER!!: Minerva McCarthy
Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
She had been excited when she first heard about the chance of going on a cooking show, but now, now Minerva McCarthy was feeling her nerves take over. She was actually on a cooking show, her! Was she good enough to be on an actual cooking show? Her children thought she was, so here she was doing it. This was good for publicity of her dance studio as well, so even if her cooking flopped people would see her and know of her studio.

As she stood in her place and listened to everyone she grinned hearing Kurumi. How long had it been since she had seen her and a famous quidditch player, wow there were so many great people here. One just graduating from Hogwarts, well that might have made Minerva feel old, but still, this was exciting.

"Hello, I'm Minerva McCarthy. By day I am the owner of McCarthy Dance studio. I've been baking since I can remember and with four children at home baking is something they love to do with me. I am ecstatic to be here and get a chance to bake with all the other contestants."

And another mother. They seemed to be popular with the home baking scene. "Sounds like you really know how to stay on your toes," Chip joked with Mrs. McCarthy. Get it? Dance and kids, made her stay on her toes? Okay, admittedly not his best pun, but his confidence sold it. "Hopefully you can keep on your toes in our kitchen today!"

SPOILER!!: James Malloy
Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
Intimidated by the competition filled with what seemed to be completely capable women? Psssssh, no. maybe. There were a few things that James Malloy did not turn down. As it so happened, this competition had three of them; food, money and attention. The 28 year old would have been greedy if he asked for more.

And yet...

Oh. Was it his turn already? The man straightened where he stood, being sure to make sure his apron was in proper position to see the words "TOP CHEF". That was him...sorta. No. Definitely. He was here for it.

"Name's James, call me Jamie, won't mind that. 28 and the father of the best kid in the entire world. Don't have to agree with me but it's still true." Pause. Where was the camera? Was this televised? "Hi Dallas! See Daddy? See Daddy with the fancy apron? Gonna win this for you, bud." And a wide grin for the kid he couldn't see in the audience because of the damned lights.

Anyway, where was he? Right, right, intro. "I know a lot about food, because I like food. Don't need no better qualifications than that. I freelance with my photography. Got signed to a couple agencies. Work at an apartment complex--supervisor because my boss lady knows I'm worth it. Um, yeah, so, let's cook!"
Ah, yes! Chip was pleased to see a man in the typically woman-dominated field today. But............ Merlin, this bloke could talk. Chip allowed him the obligatory say-hi-to-my-kid bit, keeping his overly large stage smile. "Okay! Let's hope your interest in food translates to some delectable dishes in the kitchen worthy of a photo op!" He was sure this one was going to be fun.

SPOILER!!: Judge Leon
Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post

Look at these lovely contestants already and excited to bake up a storm. He was so super excited to get to judge this and couldn't believe how adorable it all was. Clapping after every contestant introduced themselves Leon couldn't help but wonder where were all the male bakers at.

Come on boys there had to be a few. Maybe some goblins or elves could be fun too, but that was probably another competition. For now, Leon just took note of the contestants that had spoken so far.
Now that they contestants had introduced themselves, the fun could truly begin! But first, the judges. "And our guest judge today," Chip began, gesturing to the rather excited man on his right. "Leon Brown, proprietor of Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Shop in Diagon Alley." He waited for applause to die down before continuing, and he turned towards the contestants to get started and give them their first set of instructions.

"Today, there will be three rounds! Each of you will compete in all three, accumulating points on taste and presentation. And the first round..." Pause for dramatic effect. "Is the perfect start to any holiday party..." More pause, more drama. "Those delicious bite-sized delights..." Pause, pause, pause. "CAKE POooOooOPppS!"

And with a flourishy wave of his hand, the alcove doors opened to display several different magically themed cake pops. "Contestants! Choose two of these cake pops to recreate.... and go!" Hopefully they didn't knock each other down. "You have thirty minutes." Once the clock started, Chip took his seat next to Leon and watched the bakers begin.

OOC - Choose TWO of these cake pops for your character to recreate - one, two, three, four, five, six . All ingredients are in their personal kitchen space or in the pantry behind them, though nothing is exactly labelled. They have step by step instructions, but they are vague and do not list measurements, so... good luck! And also, all chocolate to be used must be taken from the chocolate frogs located in the pantry - as long as they can catch them.
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