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Originally Posted by Mathys de Nostredame View Post
"It does," he nodded calmly as he carefully set the damanged kite aside on one of the tables on his deck. "Zis is why I did not take away any of zose points from you and one detention can easily be done during one of your free periods." He paused for a moment, a few thoughts gracing his mind, before continuing. "I administair detentions to Beauxbaton students for zis as well, do not zink I am treating you unfairly because you are from Hogwarts."

He carefully folded his arms behind his back and looked down at the first year.

"Perhaps our time togethair will help remind you to begin with an apology ze next time somezing like zis happens." Because she had, in fact, not apologized for the damage and the opportunity to do so had passed.

Claudine listened and she listened attentively. She was still fully angry about this whole situation. Talk about it backfiring in her face. But did she even care that he gave Beauxbatons students punishments for damaging his kites? No. There was one thing she did care about: Slytherin winning the House Cup. So, she was silently thankful that she had not lost any points. And thought the urge to fight her case was strong, she shrewdly calculated that de Nostredame would waste no time in taking a hefty chunk of points.


This was so frustrating.

“I’ll keep that in mind,’’ Claudine said stiffly. Now that it was a seal deal that she was going to be suffering through a detention, the Snakette determined that she was not going to offer an apology now anyway. She tilted her head further back to meet de Nostredame’s eyes. “I hope you don’t have much trouble fixing the kite. It’s a very pretty one.’’ They were done here now? Claudine wanted nothing more than to flee.

“Good bye, Professor.’’ Without any hesitation, the first year made her way away from the cottage.
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