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Kaiser had so far been unsure of whether he even wanted to go to some fancy ball, especially if it was going to be anything remotely like what the rest of Beauxbatons had to offer, and he assumed it definitely was. That wasn't to say it had been in the forefront - or even the middle area for medium importance stuff - of his mind; he'd thought of the event maybe three times since it had been announced (and not a single one of those times had involved potential dates). It was all very low-priority stuff.

The notice about ballroom dancing lessons had been almost enough to make his mind up on the subject (a firm no, to be clear) especially as he had never danced in his life, and was highly likely to end up looking like an idiot. Even so, Kaiser still had no idea if he'd want to attend the ball when the time came, and the 'not exactly optional' part of the notice was what prompted him to show up today. If he managed to find some appropriate attire and decided to go to the ball, it was apparently important that he'd have come to these... lessons.

So... here he was. Right here. Tired eyes, messy hair. Jeans, hooded sweatshirt, boots. Not exactly ballroom dancing wear, but a representation of the only outfits he owned. "Hello," Kaiser greeted the Headmaster in a why-would-you-make-us-do-this-you-monster kind of voice, then made a beeline for a section of wall between two floor to ceiling windows. He leaned his back against it, folded his arms across his chest, and waited.

Full disclosure: if Desmarais showed up and started screeching like a newborn banshee because someone left a smudged fingerprint on one of the door handles or something equally absurd, he was out of here.
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