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Intimidated by the competition filled with what seemed to be completely capable women? Psssssh, no. maybe. There were a few things that James Malloy did not turn down. As it so happened, this competition had three of them; food, money and attention. The 28 year old would have been greedy if he asked for more.

And yet...

Oh. Was it his turn already? The man straightened where he stood, being sure to make sure his apron was in proper position to see the words "TOP CHEF". That was him...sorta. No. Definitely. He was here for it.

"Name's James, call me Jamie, won't mind that. 28 and the father of the best kid in the entire world. Don't have to agree with me but it's still true." Pause. Where was the camera? Was this televised? "Hi Dallas! See Daddy? See Daddy with the fancy apron? Gonna win this for you, bud." And a wide grin for the kid he couldn't see in the audience because of the damned lights.

Anyway, where was he? Right, right, intro. "I know a lot about food, because I like food. Don't need no better qualifications than that. I freelance with my photography. Got signed to a couple agencies. Work at an apartment complex--supervisor because my boss lady knows I'm worth it. Um, yeah, so, let's cook!"
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