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She had been excited when she first heard about the chance of going on a cooking show, but now, now Minerva McCarthy was feeling her nerves take over. She was actually on a cooking show, her! Was she good enough to be on an actual cooking show? Her children thought she was, so here she was doing it. This was good for publicity of her dance studio as well, so even if her cooking flopped people would see her and know of her studio.

As she stood in her place and listened to everyone she grinned hearing Kurumi. How long had it been since she had seen her and a famous quidditch player, wow there were so many great people here. One just graduating from Hogwarts, well that might have made Minerva feel old, but still, this was exciting.

"Hello, I'm Minerva McCarthy. By day I am the owner of McCarthy Dance studio. I've been baking since I can remember and with four children at home baking is something they love to do with me. I am ecstatic to be here and get a chance to bake with all the other contestants."

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