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Avalon couldn't help herself. The minute the headmaster said she could grab a bubble wand, her eyes lit up. Who didn't love blowing bubbles? She grabbed one sitting on the ledge of the fountain and waved it around in the air. Mesmerized, she watched the elegant ovals stretch through the wand and into the air. How in the world was Headmaster Trent making such elaborate shapes, though? Perhaps there was a bit of a science to blowing bubbles that the young Ravenclaw wasn't familiar with.

She placed the wand down as class began, somewhat fascinated to see what bubbles had to do with today's lessons. Maybe they were learning the Ebulio spell? She was pretty certain that it was a jinx that trapped the target in a giant bubble. Raising her hand, she prepared to offer a bit of her own insight to the question. "Like the others said, jinxes are usually the least severe of the dark charms. But they still can have pretty negative effects. One time, my sister was hit by a pretty nasty stinging jinx, and she had to sit in an aloe bath for six hours straight." Now that was an interesting evening in the Sinclair household. "And I'm fairly certain that they can be prevented by casting an Anti-Jinx beforehand."

And now for the second part of his question, when she might use one. She supposed she shouldn't be completely honest, because if she was, she might say she'd use a jinx when her brother was irritating her to no end. Plus, Trent would probably appreciate it if she thought in more DADA-like terms. "I'd use a jinx if I just needed to temporarily disable or distract my opponent. Not necessarily harm them, but just trip them up so for a moment so that I had time to think or get away."
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