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“Well that was the early stages…had to keep you interested,” he teased back with a soft chuckle of his own. Just a few months after his awkward confession. “Then and now.” Not that he was vain dragon by any means and really needed his looks to have his husband. The best friends had liked and now loved each other for far more valuable reasons. Two of which were currently being all cute and relatively quiet at the moment.

Benny freezes at the first sight of movement from a crib, actively watching to see if Dynah was waking up from her nap to break the quiet, or just about to wake her slumbering sibling with her stretch. But it appeared to be a false alarm on either side of the coin. “Maybe…maybe we should tear ourselves away before we disturb them.” They’d never get their own rest in the twins didn’t get theirs. Besides, both duos were allowed time alone by their lonesome even if he only tentatively straightened up off Adi so they could move.
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