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Hey Guys, thanks for being so patient with me. I can't believe I haven't posted this week's new chapter! So I'll get right to it and try to do better next week. This is a pretty short chapter so at least there's that. Although this is not my favorite chapter it is a link between what has been going on and what is going to be going on. I hope you all like it.

Chapter 5

Carson's Unexpected Delight

“Carl, is everything okay? What brings you out here?” Harry stepped back and motioned for him to come in. Carl smiled delightfully and said it was good to see him. “The last I knew, you were out of commission but I got this report that said it was from you. I wanted to come out and check to make sure it was and not a forgery of some sort.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “Yeah, it is from me; I haven't had time to tell the Minister yet. I just got home and got cleaned up and medicated and bandaged here and there. I talked to Albus, but I haven't been able to say anything to anyone else. The Minister is here so I can tell her during breakfast. Have you had your breakfast, you're welcome to join us; we were just sitting down to eat.”

“Will you be able to come in and tell us the story? I had breakfast but need to go get ready for work. We are all looking forward to you coming back to work. I can't believe how different you look. You look...” Harry stared into Carl's eyes painfully expecting him to say that he looked scary. “You look younger and healthier than I've seen you in years. I can tell though you are experiencing a lot of pain. Do you know when you'll be able to come back to work? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked that. You take all the time you need. We just miss you, boss.”

Harry's lips curved into a small smile on one side of his face, but his eyes showed the real sadness that he was trying to cover. “I miss being at work, but I can't come back yet. Like I said, I just got home. I've been out all night and not in the best condition. I'm doing better for the moment but I am exhausted and hungry. I need to eat and then sleep. My mind is still wonky trying to put things in order of what happened and how long I was gone before this last time and... I'll be in though as soon as I can. Tell everyone I miss them and I'll see them later; as soon as I can.”

Carl nodded his head and shook Harry's hand and held up the file. “You need to get plenty of rest since this is all true. I don't know what we did to deserve you, but we're all thankful for you. See ya later, boss.”

Harry smiled with a red face and waved to his employee friend. He went to his chair and sat down reaching for the platter of eggs and slid half a dozen onto his plate. He cut into one and put the bite in his mouth while he reached for the biscuits and took two of them. He took a bite before he opened them and buttered them. He swallowed some water and then reached for the platter of ham and took enough to fill a quarter of his plate and stabbed a piece and put it in his mouth. He was chewing and reaching for the fried potatoes when he noticed nobody else except John and Albus was getting their food and staring at him. He swallowed and asked if there was a problem.

Ron answered, “When did you start acting like an animal? There is plenty of food and time, leave some food for the rest of us, we're hungry too. Look at you, shirt hanging open, your hair looking wild. Calm down and at least act like a domesticated animal.”

Harry looked around the table and apologized and then got up and disappeared from the room with his plate and glass. He ate his breakfast alone on Pride Rock and then sent his dishes to the kitchen sink. He went down to the stream and fixed the hammock that unknown to him had nearly killed John the night before. He laid down and folded his hands over his chest and went to sleep. Four hours later he woke up and walked up to the house and went in. Nobody was around so he went up to his and Ginny's bedroom and took a shower. He was putting on fresh medicine when Carson walked by and saw him in front of the mirror.
“Is it okay if I take a look at you before you put more medicine on, son?”

Harry put the jar down and turned to Carson without speaking. Carson looked at the Wraith mark on his chest. “You know, this is the first time I've ever seen a mark so remarkably preserved the way it is. If we could study this sort of rarity we might be able to reverse engineer the affects of a feeding from the Wraith and save people.”

Harry nodded his head and a bag of gauze pads covered in blood with the date and time written on each item appeared in Carson's hands. Harry also gave him a small bag of tiny bloody teeth like objects. Harry spoke so quietly Carson had to lean forward closer to him to hear what he was saying.

“I knew you would have an interest in this for the reason you just mentioned. I saved everything I could for you.”

Carson was delighted and thanked him several times. He put the bags in a satchel he had slung over his shoulder. Then he asked Harry if he could run a couple tests on him to determine how old his body is. Harry asked where he wanted him. Carson said, “This is fine, lad. It won't take long.”

He took out his scanner and was running it from head to toe. Rodney walked by in a hurry and came back to see Harry and Carson. “Oh, I'm glad you're back. I wanted to see you before we left. Harry's words dripped with the disappointment he was feeling. “You guys are leaving? I wish I could have visited with you all.”

Rodney nodded his head and said, “I'll have to catch up with things later. John is staying, but the rest of us have to go back. Thanks to you we have a lot of new things to study.” He was nearly giddy about getting to explore the new Galaxy Harry showed them but then he looked worried at Harry and said, “Are you okay, you're awful quiet and you look like you lost your only friend in the world.”

“I'm okay, Rodney; don't worry about me. You be careful when you're doing your exploring. Keep me apprised of your findings, I'm anxious to know too.” His smile was slight but he couldn't help teasing Rodney. They all knew Harry already knew much about the new planets they were going to explore. Rodney nodded his head anxiously and then laughed, “You got me there, Harry. But surely you left something for me to actually discover.”

Harry chuckled and shook his head once not giving away anything he might or might not know. They all laughed and then Rodney asked Carson if Harry was okay and what he was doing to him.

“Harry is in near perfect health; a few more decent meals, more rest, and some good family time without distraction would do the trick. I'm studying this feeding mark from the Wraith that fed on him left behind. Harry has given me enough material and samples for me to backward engineer an antidote to victims of feedings who survived partial feedings. This is very good news for us. And I'm also trying to find out how old Harry is; his body that is.”

Harry shook his head and offered the doctor some information. “Carson, I'm around five hundred years old, but I don't know what my physical condition is in years. I feel quite a bit younger than I have for many years.”

Carson studied his machine and then asked him to open his mouth and swabbed the inside of his mouth with a gadget that attached to the small instrument he carried on him at all times. He whistled slowly at the results he got. “Well, son, you feel considerably younger because you are. According to this, you are twenty eight years old.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “If it has to be then it is what it is. I'm sure this means good things for your research for victims of Wraith feedings,and other horrendous life threatening things.”

Rodney was astounded and said, “This is amazing! Are you saying that a Wraith was putting blood back into the victim and didn't detach from the process so he could revert the victim to infancy? What would be the good of that for the Wraith?”

Harry said, “I know it sounds confusing but by the time all the blood was sucked out of me it caused instant aging. By the time all the blood was drained from me I was an old husk of a man close to a hundred years old. He didn't detach his feeding hand from me so that I wouldn't die. When he put my blood back in me he felt more power than he had ever felt. When he got me back to my original age he didn't detach his hand but kept creating more of my blood to put back in me. This made me younger because the enzymes were still producing the anti aging serum. His plan was that if he kept making me younger I would eventually need less blood and he would retain the extra for himself. The younger he made me the more blood he gained. He would eventually revert me back to infancy and then repeat the whole cycle again. He would then be the most powerful Wraith and wouldn't need to feed for a couple years. That is the answer to your question. What is good for us is that since I tore his hand off, the enzyme used to formulate the process can now be synthesized and given to other victims for a full recovery.”

Rodney marveled at the discovery and said, “And does this have any side affects for you, I mean bad side affects?”

Carson looked at Harry and said, “There now; that is a good question. Are there any side affects, Lad?”

“Other than the unendurable pain you suffer from having the likes of a great leech latch onto your chest and feel it sucking your blood and it constantly readjusting its grip on your chest as you begin to whither into a husk of a human. And then at the same time you are feeling this pain you get a feeling of euphoria from the enzyme they pump into you while they're feeding so you don't die from the pain and loss of blood. Try wrapping your head around that feeling and you be the judge of whether there are side effects or not. And lastly... I don't know if I'm addicted to the enzyme now. Thankfully, the synthesized medicine that will be produced from this won't be anything like having a Wraith suck your life from you.”

Rodney was fascinated and his mind went off thinking of the possibilities they would have if Carson could do what he wanted to do. He came around to his senses and went downstairs.
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