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She was not entirely sure what had prompted her to accept the invitation to participate in Bewitched It! but it had very little to do with the galleon reward. Then again, 5000 galleons was nothing to stick one's nose up at and could really go a long way in a household of seven as well as the much needed supplies on the reservation. Several of their incubation united had recently been incinerated by some hatchlings who had learned to breath fire a bit earlier than anticipated, and apparently the fireproofing spells had worn off. So there were damages expenses, metal charmers to pay, and a whole other slough of thing to tick of the list that needed paying for.

But, here she was, Kurumi Rasting, and it was apparently her turn to speak.

"Hello," she greeted with a small waved followed quickly by a polite bow. "I'm Kurumi Rasting, dragonologist and head Fertility Specialist at the Galloway Rehabilitation Reserve. I'm a mother of five and a home cook, selling some of my baked creations in the gift shop at the reservation. I was known as Cookie Girl during my time at Hogwarts and it was rumored that I was part house elf." Pauses a moment because...this was the moment where they were meant to serve a cheesy sort of baking pun that also solicited a bit of banter between herself and her fellow competitors, right? " I really know how to clean up the competition."

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