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Default Bewitched It! (Nailed It!, the Magical Version - Christmas Edition)

Bewitched It! (Nailed It!, the Magical Version - Christmas Edition)

Chip Friendly, famed professional chef, is the host of Bewitched It!, a magical bake-off competition for amateur home cooks and bakers to compete in creating complicated cakes, confectioneries, and fancy dishes. The magical (and hopefully) edible creations don't always turn out they way they are expected, but that's half the fun! Sometimes the end result, and almost always the process, is hilarious, and a good time is had by all, though only one amateur chef can be crowned the winner and walk away with 5000 galleons.

This latest installment of Bewitched It! is a special Christmas version with plenty of magical holiday dishes to be created. Chip has invited plenty of amateur home chefs to join him on all the fun and for the opportunity to win, along with several guest judges. In fact, he's awaiting each of their brief introductions as they are just about to get started. The guest judges sit to his right and, on his left, behind the contestants is the studio kitchen with all the amenities they will need to create their holiday delights. And in front, the studio audience applauds in a welcome start.

"Welcome, welcome, everyone! To our special Christmas edition of Bewitched It!, everyone's favorite baking competition!" Chip begins exuberantly as he jumps out in front of the contestants, greeting them as well as the audience. "Before we get started on all the festivities, let's meet our home chefs!" And with that, he turns towards the contestants, prompting the first one to his left to say a few words about themselves, continuing on down the line.

OOC - Feel free to join in with your character! If you have an amateur cook, chef, or baker, consider them already invited to be a contestant. Professional chefs/bakers are welcome to join as guest judges. Don't have either but want to join in the fun? Consider being part of the studio audience. Bios can be linked or put under a text cut, then simply join in and begin RPing!