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Straightening as the Hogwarts headmaster spoke, Mathys' expression remain solemn and composed but made no grand strides towards the seats. He was tempted to request that he remain standing, but once his headmistress had taken her seat ... so too did he. Long strides took him around the students towards the seat to the right side of his headmistress and he carefully pulled the chair out and slipped into it. Posture straight and sturdy, he waited passionately for the impassioned words of the Hogwarts students to cause one's ears to bleed. Though the words of Mademoiselle Blaze were not as enraged as he had anticipated, considering her tone in the rose garden. The shift was...curious, though he kept his opinions to himself.

Speaking of impassioned, his headmistress certainly was that. And a bit...shrill. Though he dared not speak such sentiments aloud.

And it would appear that his time to speak had come sooner than he had anticipated.

Smoothing his jacket and shirt, Mathys leaned forward slightly so that he could peer around his headmistress to meet the Hogwarts headmaster's gaze more directly.

"If I may, Headmaster Trent. Mademoiselle Blaze is telling ze truth zat ze wand movement was very complicated. Ze wand movement for Loricatus. I had warned zem of ziss and do believe zat it was an accident. Zat being said...I do not believe zat an appology was evair uttered and no remorse shown by Mademoiselle Blaze. Furthairmore, she encouraged hair classmates to cast offensive magic towards our gargoyles." Which reminded him that he would need to search the roof for Ogott later to see what kind of damage had been done and what sort of medical attention the gargoyle required. May need to regrow a tongue again. "When my headmistress appeared saw her rose bush ablaze, she apprehended Mademoiselle Blaze and it was in ziss moment zat Mademoiselle Grahntham lifted hair wand against my headmistress. Mademoiselle Anderson a little aftair zis. It was ziss sight zat ze gargoyles awoke to and attacked, believeeng zeir mistress was in dangair. Mademoiselle Summers was trying to help by putteeng out ze flames, something zat no one else had zought to do. Her aim needs much eempravement and she did not apologize to my headmistress eithair."

So much for Hogwarts having any semblance of manners, though he did recalled that Mademoiselle Summers did apologize to the gargoyles when they had turned on her next. Something he did not think wise to bring up, it would only set his headmistress off further hearing that students would apologize to beasts but not to her. He was, despite what most of those present likely assumed, trying to calm tensions.

Though this desire to mediate did not always win out against his own opinion and displeasure.

"Ziss is why I eenstructed everyone to drop zeir wands. Ze gargoyles will not attack ze defenseless. Zough I must eenform you, Headmaster Trent, zat one of your students who is not present among us now zought it wise to zen perform a series of athletic omaneuvers which only egged ze creatures on in zeir attahck. Zough I was assured by anothair that you had personally taught zem all to be vigilant."
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