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The little Snakette refused to be rushed along by the Crazy Lady. In truth (and very surprising to herself), she was more bothered about Bernie and her wand. The Gryffindor looked so devastated and for the first time since this entire messy situation happened, Claudine felt a sense of responsibility but it wasn’t for the rose garden; it was for Bernie’s wand. Bernie had only been trying to defend her when the gargoyles attacked.

Further thoughts were cut into as the arrived at the Inquisitorial Hall and the Crazy Lady immediately began raving about them getting out Beauxbatons. Did she mean all the Hogwartians? Did she mean just the four of them? Claudine wasn’t sure. She simply stood quiet for the moment, her intense gaze fixed on Trent.

Claudine was quite prepared to give the best, most innocent and sincere performance to get them all out of this situation. For the moment, she would stand there quietly.
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