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The small blonde followed the headmistress silently, stewing in her emotions. Not ONLY was she afraid of how her parents would react to news of what was going on, she was afraid of seeing the look on Headmaster Trent's face when HE heard all the horrible things she was SURE the headmistress was going to say, true or not. By the time she actually slipped inside of the hall and took her place, she was filled with dread and her small hands were folded into fists to control the urge to fidget she was currently having.

And then the headmistress was speaking and Cecelia very slowly turned from nervous to angry, the urge to shout at the woman building and building inside of her. Thing WAS, Cecelia WOULDN'T shout. Her mum and dad had taught her BETTER than to shout at her elders. And MAYBE she HAD been careless in her spell, but she HAD had good intentions and how DARE the headmistress speak about her without even giving her a chance to explain. How DARE she make it seem like her students were better and smarter and that THEY were just students not worth her time. It made hot tears spill down her cheeks and she hung her head, not wanting anyone to see. She disliked THIS headmistress more than she'd disliked anyone and it made her SO mad having to listen to her, it did.

After daring to stubbornly wipe at her tears, the first year stood up straighter and smoothed back her hair, her gaze falling on THEIR headmaster. She already had it in her head that he was going to have her pack her bags, so she was going to at least try and be brave about it. The headmistress COULDN'T say she wasn't brave.
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