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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Analiese W. Anderson (formerly Allanach-Senchuri)
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Giovanni F. Montanari
Magical Creatures

Ministry RPG Name:
Katrina S. Rothenberg

Analiese was the only non-first year to be interrogated. And she didn't even deserve to be here. It was a primal instinct in the protection of another. Tell her, what was she supposed to do when Desmarais was manhandling one of the first years?! Just stand there and watch?!

She stepped out of the Ombrelune Common Room which was on the opposite end of the corridor from the Inquisitorial Hall. Her echoing footsteps rang through the floor as she made her way towards the Hall. She waited outside for a few seconds before deciding to go in. Her eyes fell upon Headmaster Trent, who was thankfully a little softer towards her.

And that wasn't exactly soft.
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