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Hey Guys, I'm happy to bring your next chapter to you and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much for reading my ff. As always, you are welcome to comment.

Chapter 4

Quiet Time For Albus And Harry

“Thanks, Carson. Am I allowed to see the kids for a minute before I-”

As he was talking he deleted the picture and link from Ron and Hermione's phones and handed them back to them. She wordlessly handed him Rose's phone and he removed the curse from her phone too.

Ginny gasped and jumped up when Harry asked about the kids and Harry looked at her with the first sign of emotion since he came home. “Is something wrong with the kids?” he asked.

“No, love, I told them when I made them go to bed last night that I'd get them up if you came home. Before they got up this morning,” she added quickly.

He turned to the steps and said he'd get them up and then shower while Winky gets breakfast. “I don't know how you got them to go to bed, especially Albus.”

“Wait, why especially Albus?” asked Ginny alarmed that Harry seemed to know something she didn't. Had she mistreated her son?”

“When I was in the chamber Hermione said I needed to take care of James. I began working on a way to get out to take care of you guys. After you brought the boys home from Hogwarts; Albus came in to have his daily visits with me. He said he would work hard to make sure I would have everything I needed in the event I still needed help when I got out. He promised me he would watch me closely so I could have help right away even before I knew I needed the help. He knows I was in critical condition, but I never got to talk to him to let him know he didn't need to worry about me. I imagine he feels like he let me down. Since he's in bed then everything must be okay.”

“Oh Love, I'm afraid I messed up. He wanted to stay up and was practically demanding that they should get to stay up for when you came home. I made him go to bed and I wasn't happy with him.”

Harry frowned and then turned away from the steps and went into his lab. He saw what Albus worked on and his heart warmed with love for his youngest son. He saw potions and medications and bandages all laid out for quick use if needed. He picked up the potions and read them. He took each one after he read them and then purged himself of dirt, dried blood, and body odor. He medicated some places and put fresh bandages on. Next, he changed into fresh jeans and pulled a button up shirt out of the air. He waved his hand in a horizontal circle and the lab was cleaned. He left the lab slipping into his shirt without thinking of anyone seeing him. After that he went up and knocked on James's and Lily's doors and then knocked on Albus's door and went in. He quietly said his name and Albus just hiccoughed while staring at the ceiling. Harry sat on the side of the bed and put his hand on his son's chest.

“Albus, I'm home. Thanks for having everything ready for me. I always know I can count on you. But, son, you didn't need to worry about me like you did. I wish we could have yesterday to do over again, but we can't. Do you think we can just work at making today the best day ever?”

Albus rolled onto his elbow and propped himself up. “I hate being a kid when you're not here. You are the only one who thinks kids have rights too. You would have listened to me. And you might not have agreed with me, but you would have at least listened to me instead of saying I had to go to bed because I was the child and not the parent.”

Harry sighed and turned so he could lie back and rest while they talked. He kicked off his boots and put his feet on the bed; crossed his legs at the ankles and put his right hand up over his head and rested his head on it. His left hand covered his chest where a bandage showed around the edges of his hand and he sighed with content; fully relaxed. He was very comfortable and closed his eyes. Albus thought he went to sleep but then his dad spoke softly saying, “I can't begin to think how old I'd like to be. Sometimes I think I've lived way too long. What should I say when people ask how old I am? 'Oh, I don't know less than five hundred years old; not sure exactly how many years but close to five hundred.' Age is difficult to perceive because everyone has a different issue to deal with at different ages. If you hate being a kid when I'm not home, what age would you like to be?”

Albus studied his father with his trim and muscular physique and his handsome face. He wanted to ask about the bandage in the center of his chest but concentrated on the question his dad asked. “I guess maybe if I was seventeen and Mum told me to go to bed then I could say, “I think I'd rather try and find out what happened to my dad, and then just leave. I knew you weren't in the bottom of the stream, but someplace far away. I probably wouldn't be able to go to you even if I knew you were in another galaxy. But I would work on checking out some ideas I had.”

Harry opened his eyes and moved his head so he could look at his son so Albus would know he was taking his talk serious. “That's commendable but I hope you would be understanding and respectful to your mum. I'm sorry you felt like she wasn't being considerate of you, and maybe she wasn't. That's not the point we are concerned about is it? You wanted to stay up and she said no without thinking that you were right in your speculations of my whereabouts or what caused the day to go terribly wrong.”

Albus nodded his head thankful that his dad understood and wasn't mad at him. Harry continued and said, “I can talk to your mum if ever there comes a time when our family time isn't interrupted by an emergency.” He grinned at Albus when the boy giggled with his frustrations slipping into the talk. Then Harry chuckled and said he was sorry he digressed from the issue. Then he started talking again saying, “I wonder what Mum was thinking when she told you to go to bed. She surely wasn't being hostile or treating you kids like you were babies. Possibly she had reasons why she wanted you kids to go to bed. Maybe she was too tired to put on a calm and brave face for you kids. It is always in the parents to try to protect their kids from things that might hurt or scare them. I honestly didn't know if I would be able to live. And then I had to come up with something drastic when your mum and Uncle Ron took matters in their own hands. I was even less sure then if I would live. So that was one thing your mum was trying to protect you from until she could get a handle on a way to explain that I might not be able to come back and live. I also know she was exhausted and like I said didn't know how long she could keep up appearances that everything would be okay. And then there's the fact that I scare people when I am gone and then come back. Everyone says I look mean and scarier every time they see me. I know sometimes Lily is afraid of me when she sees me. It breaks my heart and I don't know what to do about it. I'm not a vain person and wouldn't take a 'make yourself handsome pill' even if there was such a thing. And I refuse to wear makeup for any reason, so people are just going to have to get used to me being ugly and scary looking.”

Albus laughed and rocked backward on his bed. He sat back up and said, “Thanks Daddy. I will tell Mum I'm sorry but I really wasn't disrespectful to her. Was it wrong of me to try to talk to her about it?”

“If it was under normal circumstances then yes it would have been disrespectful. But this was far from normal and I don't think you were in the wrong to talk to her about it. Let's just hope something like this doesn't happen again.”

Harry looked at Albus and said, “Son, I feel bad that I haven't been able to be a good father to you kids. Your mum is doing a tremendous job raising you kids. All three of you are great people. I'm so proud of you guys. And I'm sorry that I make it so hard on you kids that you can't enjoy being a kid. Let's let Mum know how you feel so it will help her the next time there is an issue that makes me be an absentee dad.”

Albus nodded his head and wanted to tell him so many things about what a great dad he is and he hopes to be just like him when he grows up but the only thing that came out of his mouth was, “What happened to your chest?”

Harry chuckled and closed his eyes again. He didn't want to spoil the moment talking about dreadful things, but he didn't want to make trivial his son's curiosity. “It...” he swallowed remembering the event. “I needed to be captured by the Wraith for a drastic treatment I was administering to myself. You know about the Wraith and what they do; right?”

Albus put his hand over his chest and said he knew. Harry said, “I had to let one get it's hand on me and suck out all my blood and then put it back in. It is a natural filtering system that is built into their life support system when they suck out your blood. This way they don't get any illnesses or diseases the human has. I had to let him do it and then, regretfully, I had to kill him. I couldn't take a life so I could live so I made a deal with this Wraith. They are way over populated and many of them are starving. This one needed food or he would die within the hour. I told him if he cleansed my blood and then before he put back my blood I'd allow him to keep enough to stay alive until he could get some more elsewhere. He agreed but he became greedy and when he put the blood back in, he didn't withdraw his hand and I was getting younger. He grew stronger and would have become more powerful and he wouldn't have to feed again for months. I had to tear his hand off of me. That's why it has to be bandaged. Normally when they gift blood back to a loyal follower or a brother then they don't leave a mark. But, like I said, I had to tear his hand off and it took some of my skin with it. It looked like I got Splinched; felt that way too. So he became angry, which is their normal disposition most of the time, and said he was going to kill me. We fought and then I was able to kill him.”

Albus looked worried and said, “So how much younger are you? And why did you have to take such a drastic treatment that you would need to have a Wraith do that to you?” He wondered if his dad fell asleep because he wasn't talking and the only movement he made was the rising and falling of his muscular chest from breathing. Then Harry spoke softly, “I had to go to a planet that had flying apes. They are poisonous and a bite from an adult would kill you instantly. In the water there are apelike Merman. The water on that planet has healing properties for me since I have that gene from Poseidon. When I got there I made my way to the water and fell into it. I was very near death and it would be a long shot that I would survive long enough for the water to heal me because I still had to find a baby Ape Merman and get it to bite me before its parents found me. There bite is not quite as venomous as the adults but would certainly kill you if you couldn't get a Wraith to suck out your blood like I told you I did. The reason I had to do this was because when your Uncle Ron dumped me in the deep part of the stream I wasn't able to control the electric charging up within me. I was getting electrocuted, but I was beginning to heal too. And then the wounds from the shards of glass in me began to heal. I had plated glass in my lungs, heart, and other organs. When I had to replace the windows after that bomb went off years ago I made finite strands of steel and put them in the plate glass to make it more structurally sound. When I was shot through the window it crushed my insides because of the force it took to send me through it. So, not only did I have glass in my organs, but I had steel in them too. With my body short circuiting it was fusing the steel in the glass together bonding them in a way that separated my heart that was cut through into a jigsaw puzzle. When your mum pulled the glass out of me with the Accio spell it caused irreparable damage to my heart and everything else it went through.”

He stopped talking and swallowed and turned his head away from his son. The pulsating pain that builds up and then releases its stranglehold on him was nearly at capacity. This caused pain for Harry and he didn't want his son to see it. Albus saw though; his chest heaving with the distress he was under and then his body tensed all over; his muscles bulging impressively and then it was over. Harry took some calming breaths and proceeded to explain to his son what he asked.

“So, anyway; the bite from this baby would poison me, but the poison had a beneficial side effect. The acidic poison melted the glass and steel and caused the fused jigsaw puzzle, that being my heart, back together again. The water healed me quickly except for the poison in me. I would die within a day if I didn't find a Wraith to purge my blood. When I found the Wraith outpost I had to look for a starved one or I wouldn't have a chance to overpower it if it went back on its word, which it did. Immediately after I killed the Wraith I came back to Earth and found the people responsible for cursing your Aunt Hermione and took care of the situation. Everything is over now and Uncle Ron, and Aunt Hermione have been cured. Albus, I think I had a point to make but I'm rambling; so tired. I'm sorry for an inadequate answer to your question.”

Albus looked up after Harry became silent again and saw John leaning against the doorway with his arms folded across his chest. He had followed Harry upstairs in case he needed help and heard everything. He walked in since it appeared that Harry was asleep. He looked down on Harry and noticed he did look younger, but years of heavy burdens and too much pain chiseled a hard look about him. He looked at Albus and saw a younger version of Harry looking back at him. His eyes were puffy from crying all night but the weariness in his eyes made him look even more like Harry.

“I think he's asleep, would you like to come down and eat breakfast, or would you rather scrunch down in bed and nap for a bit until your dad wakes up to eat?”

Albus nodded his head and started to lie down when Rodney called up the steps, “Hey if you guys don't come down now we're starting breakfast without you and that leaves more for me and Ron.”

Harry's eyes opened suddenly but he was very still. Then he looked over at his son who was halfway to his pillow. Then John spoke up and Harry turned his head to him and took his hand from behind his head and sat up.

“Breakfast! I'm starved!” He looked at Albus and said, “Did I answer all your questions, son?” When Albus nodded his head and said, “Yes sir,” he said, “You wanna come down and eat or take a nap first?”

Albus brightened up and said, “I want to be with you so whatever you're doing I want to do too.”

Harry stood up and stretched; popping the only button he had buttoned, off. It hit John and he grabbed his rib and acted as if it was a fatal shot and started to drop to the floor. Harry grabbed him and said, “You're too funny,” and laughed heartily. He put his arm around his shoulder and his other arm around Albus's and walked to the door; the three arm in arm. They laughed when they got to the door and put there arms down so they could go out.

When they got downstairs John glared at Rodney and said, “Next time you're assigned to ring the dinner bell go up and check to see if anyone is sleeping. He looked at Carson and said, “Harry just went to sleep and Albus was going to sleep until Harry woke up, but Rodney woke them up before sleep came for Albus.”

Harry patted Rodney on the back and said, “It's fine, I'm starved and need to eat.”

They made their way to the table; Harry taking time to hug and kiss his other two children. He asked how they were doing and they responded with smiles and more hugs. “We're better now that you are home. You should have seen Albus go all rogue last night! He was impressive. I think he's my new hero.”

Albus giggled and shoved James to the table. Albus saw his mom quietly standing by her place to sit and he went to her. “Mum, I'm sorry I was rough on you last night. You're the best Mum in the world and I didn't consider you thought of things I didn't and you wanted to protect me from them. Will you forgive me for being so bold last night?”

Ginny smiled gently and ran her fingers through his unkempt hair and said she would. It surprised her so much that he did this that it brought a tear to her eye. She wiped it away and told everyone to sit down and eat. Just as they pulled out their chairs the doorbell rang. Harry turned and went to the door much to Ginny and Carson's objections.
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