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Giselle was halfway through a rapid fire rant of everything that was wrong with the situation, the threat of 500 point deduction just by her lips...when Mathys walked in. Goodness. Did he see what this Hogwarts bunch turned her into? She thought to argue his point but chose to stop a moment and think.

They were coming from Hogwarts. Everyone knew it was a hooligan hole at best. It was likely they didn't know. She would have to assume they didn't know. Heated and seething as she still was....Giselle was trying to calm down. Trying until this offensive excuse for a Professor invaded her personal space to whisper nonsense.

The Headmistress shoved the man away from her, taking an extra step to create more distance. She did NOT appreciate the sudden intrusion. The more he spoke, was the more the pseudo calm Mathys had brought to her disappeared. He was....playing??

Her lips parted, ready to begin a fresh rant when the boy spoke. He didn't know. He was tired and hadn't read. It was as Mathys said. What caught her attention was him assuming the man had been playing--and why wouldn't he when it was obvious the man was???

Her rage redirected at the History of Magic Professor, she began once again. "Ar' you a Professor or a CHILD??" She demanded. "You see rule breaking and you decide to PLAY?? You don't step up and become ze adult in ze situation??? Zhis boy waz following you. Your lead! If you 'ad decided to do your job and corrected 'im, zhis would not be a problem! Zhis is on YOU! Leading zhis child into your folly! What iz wrong wiz you?!"

What could possess the man to begin a game with the boy when all he had to do was correct him??? It blew the Headmistress's mind entirely. Was this how Hogwarts Professors operated? Did they not know how to effectively discipline their own?
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