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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Heavens, the professor needed to hire a maid or an assistant to straighten and organize all these papers for him! That, or, um, he was perhaps very close to his desk? She had heard of people who fell in love with objects, and he was still SMILING suspiciously...

But, alas, the duck.

She scribbled something down as he began talking, her face revealing nought about her thoughts on his answer. "And why would they be a symbol of comfort?" She asked sharply, finally looking up from her desk. "Why would Muggles in particular be interested in rubber ducks, as opposed to wizards?" Did wizards NOT have rubber ducks? She just now thought of that question, and wondered how sad and terrible her classmates' upbringings must have been without fun bathtime toys.
Look, it wasn't always this messy, okay? Quite the opposite! In fact, Finneas was a rather organized man. Kind of. Okay, okay so his things were typically just as scatted as his mind, but in his defense it wasn't normally THIS bad. THIS was just a horrible consequence of having to share a castle and having very limited opportunity for free space.

But he was making it work (hardly!). What a trooper, truly. Speaking of which, he was really hanging in there. Didn't dare let go of his hold around the desk, as any wrong move and there would be another catastrophic avalanche of paperwork. Such! A! Trooper!!!

"WELL," it was another good question, he had to admit. "For many reasons, er, typically the rubber duck is introduced to the muggle at a young age. The formative years, if you will." His eyes looked at a spot just above her right ear as he explained. "It wouldn't be surprising if a sense of childhood nostalgia was involved or if a sense of dependency was built or if the rubber duck became... a friend." He smiled uncomfortably from his hunched over position.

"I guess the fondness towards rubber ducks could potentially extend to wizards too," he mused. "But they are far more relevant in muggle pop culture, just one of those things that never made it's way across the pond," HAHAHA GET IT? That was a pun. Finneas looked at her expectantly waiting for the joke to make her laugh. Yes.

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