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Nettie got her assignment and eagerly opened it up, only to find the parchment hair? Curly? TWO INCHES LONG? That was so short! Nettie's hair was the shortest it had ever been currently, and it was still only an inch above her shoulders. She couldn't even imagine what she would look like with that style. She couldn't even imagine her hair dark brown, let alone BLACK.

Ok, she had to do this. If she was considering Transfiguration as a career, this was hardly the trickiest thing she'd have to do.

Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes. First, she pictured her hair as it was now - only dark black instead of blonde. Ok, that wasn't too hard. Maybe if she did this in steps...then, she pictured her hair short. Pixie cut short. Only...her hair was naturally curly, not straight. That seemed about right...

"Crinis Muto!" she exclaimed, tapping her head with her wand and closing her eyes tightly as she tried to hold on to that image of the short haired, curly topped black haired Nettie. Carefully she opened one eye, glancing at the mirror.

OH! Look! She'd done it! It was...not as scary looking as she had anticipated. She lightly tugged on one of the curls, pleased that it was soft and bouncy. It was fun, but definitely not a look she would be going for permanently. No thank you, she liked her blonde locks thank you very much.

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