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She was a natural. Did anyone hear that?? And like, she didn't even have to grow out her eyebrows, which was pretty amazing cause like Barlow was oblivious. He only noticed her HELPING the younger Gryffindor out, which was enough to pass the time until the main activity. Writing down a hairstyle and oh ---

They weren't going to be doing the hairstyle on themselves?

Cringing, she unfolded the parchment she had drawn and glanced down at it.

SPOILER!!: uh oh

COLOUR - Dark purple

LENGTH - Medium, shoulder length


Purple. Medium, shoulder length. Thick. Not her eyebrows. This was for the top of her head hair, yes? She could work with this.

"Crinis Muto" she said, tapping her wand to her brown straight locks. Glancing into the mirror, she had to admit she rather liked this look. Was she allowed to keep the purple hair? How long would the effects last? Carsyn glanced around the room for her sister, wondering what look she got.

"Professor? How long will the change last if we don't use the reversing spell?" Like if she wanted to plan a whole appearance change, could she do so for a day? Or would she would have to re-cast the charm again?
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