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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

The General Counter spell.

Claudine squeezed her eyes shut, trusting Bernie to do her best. Was it even right to trust her? Right now, she had little choice. “I hate it. What a dumb spell.’’ A minute or so later, she opened her eyes and to her great disappointment, the Counter Spell had not worked. “Um. Maybe we should try the one Professor Barlow said?’’ Using her wand, she tapped her head and said, ‘’Reverte.’’ With an almighty amount of desperation, she willed it to work.

Viola! It did!

“Oh, I did it. Smashing!’’ It was the first time that particular one worked for her and it left her quite surprised.

Now that she was whole again, Claudine was quite ready to try the next spell. She didn’t move back to her own mirror but stayed beside Bernie. “This one sounds a lot better than the eyebrow one. Don’t you think?’’ she asked and snagged the piece of parchment meant for her. “Bubblegum pink, mid back, thick and wavy.’’ Wow. Didn’t she have her job cut out for her? “What did you get, Bernie?’’

Here went nothing.

Claudine started off by closing her eyes. In her mind, she conjured an image of herself wearing the description. It was not a pretty picture. “Crinis Muto.’’ Tap of the head with her wand. Slowly, she opened her eyes and stared into Bernie’s reflection.

“Ew.’’ Her hair was rose pink from the roots to about half way down while the rest remained dark brown. The locks were all straight as possible and remained the same length.

She was such a failure.

"Oops. You're right, I cast the one that just STOPS the growing. I guess Reverte reverses it." Bernie felt pretty dumb for that mistake, and blushed a little as Claudine corrected her bangs herself. Well, good job for her! She nailed that one.

Bernie glanced down at the parchment she'd snagged on her way over to Claudine. "Mine says rose gold, long, and wavy, BUT ALSO fine and soft." So kind of the opposite of hers right now? Bernie had chin-length brown hair. "What's rose gold like?"

She looked up to see Claudine's hair change color before her very eyes. "WOW!" She knew that wasn't her intended color, but it was amazing nonetheless. "Maybe MINE is supposed to be pinkish like that?" Either way, she was going to ~T R Y~!

Bernie squinched her eyes shut for a moment, picturing her blue eyes peeking out from beneath a golden but pinkish halo of FINE, SOFT, and WAVY long hair. Then she tapped her head and muttered, "Crinis Muto!" Well, the hair DID grow, but it also only seemed to be a shade or two lighter, like a brassy goldenrod color. Bernie frowned at the reflection. "That's not right." Ew indeed.
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