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So basically they were going to change the appearance of their hair. What's wrong with her current hair? And besides she listed the one she wanted in that parchment... Too bad she's getting the clown version of what Professor Barlow will be giving them. As soon as the parchment were handed back to them, Jillian can't stop staring and reading the description. She was both amused and at the same time worried to whoever made this combo. Ugh.

This would be the first time she would get to color her hair, length and style. It's worth a try. Who knows maybe she will like it.... hopefully. Taking her wand and practicing the spell correctly, she repeats it in her head a couple of times "Crinis Muto" she utters under her breath.

She concentrated the image in her head long enough and when she is finally ready, she takes her wand up to near her head- paralleled to her ear, takes a deep breath and closed her eyes. Welp, here goes nothing.

"Crinis Muto" she spoke.

She quickly opened her eyes and looked at the results in the mirror in front of her. Well? Well it was almost there. She is seeing purple streaks in her hair but it didn't have the same length as the one in the parchment. Straight and spiky? check. Purple color? double check. Length? nope.

To her surprise, except the spikiness of it all, she likes this purple color in her hair. Huh, she would probably try it again this summer vacation. For now, she needs to get this correct.


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