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Hey Guys, thanks for reading my ff and coming back for the new chapter. I am so sorry for it being late.

Chapter 3

Harry Takes His Only Chance

John looked up into the stormy sky and the rain pounded on his face. When he finally lowered his face he was looking right into the face of Ron. “What did he mean by thanks for not hitting me even though you wanted to?”

John looked at the angry man and turned to walk away. “It's self explanatory, Ron. What could you possibly not understand about it?”

“Why would you want to hit me? I haven't done anything to you.”

“You were insensitive to Harry's pain and suffering. All you cared about was Hermione not getting in trouble and the lame excuse you gave him to live for you. You never once mentioned that you love him and want what is best for him.”

“What good is he to us when he is not trying to live? How can he protect us if he's dead? And besides you just want him for a friend because he can do magic. He's no good to you dead so yeah, I can see you not caring if he dies. Harry was crazy thinking you were a friend to him. If Harry lives he'll have to step aside for someone better to be Head Auror since he obviously can't make good judgment calls. And if he turns out to not be the greatest wizard of all time and not save himself, then we are well rid of him. He can't be what we need him to be when he's all the time being nearly dead.”

John swung on Ron before Ron had a chance to pull his wand. He fell to the ground and John picked him up by his shirt and hit him again and again. Ron swung on him but John ducked and came back up with punches in the belly and ribs. Ron doubled over and then swung with his wand in his hand. He sent a broad reaching curse that caught John in its spell since he couldn't duck under it or get away from it. Ron grinned maliciously and cursed John with a knockback jinx. He laughed as John flew backward into one of the trees and then fell forward into the hammock hanging between the two trees. The hammock spun wildly with the force John landed in it and stopped finally with John's neck wrapped up tight in the ropes and hanging lifeless.

Ron laughed and said, “Serves you right for-” Then he stopped when a flash of lightning showed John's face turning gray. He wasn't moving and his head was at a precarious position. He ran to him and quickly cut the ropes and John dropped to the ground. He picked up John's head and shoulders and tried to listen for breathing but it was too loud from the storm that raged on.

“John... John,” he shouted repeatedly. He tried to shake his head gently and patted his cheek hard enough to wake him but John didn't respond. Then Ron realized in horror he needed to give John mouth to mouth. The thought sickened him but he couldn't let him die. Then he had an idea. He made his wand blow spurts of air in John's mouth and then finally John started choking and tried to take in large amounts of air. Ron said soothingly, “Take it easy, come on, easy breaths. That's it, now don't move. Your neck was tangled in the hammock and it was bent in a strange way. I need to call Carson down here and have him check you out before we move you.”

John moved cautiously and said he would be okay. His voice was gravelly and he put his hands to his neck in reflex to the pain he felt when he spoke. Ron stood up and helped John to his feet. Ron looked at him and said, “John, I despise cowards and I despise witches and wizards who use their magic unfairly against others especially Muggles. Tonight I was both of those. You should know that you have rights and one of them is that you can bring charges against me.”

John looked hard at Ron and found him to be more like himself than he had been all day and evening. “What would happen if I pressed charges?”

Ron didn't look surprised, he just answered John. “Well, first I will turn in my badge and,” he swallowed but kept on talking; looking John in the eyes while he explained. “After I turn in my badge, I will surrender my wand. Hermione will need to divorce me so she can be separated from my acts of violence against a Muggle. Hopefully that will be enough for her to not have to step down as Minister of Magic. I will also lose my children. I will be put in prison until I go before the Wizengamot for my hearing. Whether I am sent to Azkaban is up to them.”

John studied Ron and then said, “If I could understand why you said what you did and why you acted the way you did then I might try to be lenient. But Harry wanted to go to bed all evening long and you guys kept talking making him stay up. I know I heard Carson tell you he is in critical condition whether he looks like it or not and that he needed his rest. It didn't seem to matter about him.”

Ron shook his head, “I understand what you are saying, John. I just can't believe I said what I did and why I behaved the way I did. I completely agree with Harry and I was glad he spoke up when he saw us floundering. I mean did you see how inept we were with talking to our children? We are not that way and I can't believe we... it's just completely wrong. I'm not going to make excuses, what happened, happened and that's all there is to it.”

He noticed John was leaning against the tree he flew into when he cursed him and he reached out to help him if he needed help. Are you okay, John; can you walk?”

John said he would be okay and leaned forward away from the tree. He was wobbly on his legs so Ron grabbed his arm and put it around his neck and attempted to put his other hand around his waist to help John balance and walk. John gasped and shook his head. “I think I broke a rib or something, just let me hang onto your shoulder.”

As they made their way slowly up to the house Ron said, “John, I hope you accept my apology for those awful things I said about you. I know none of it was true and I also know you are a great friend for Harry. He loves you like a brother and you've been good for him. I am a better man having you for a friend and I have never had a problem with you being friends with Harry. Oh, well; honestly I was jealous at first, but I got over it and have always since then been thankful for your friendship and for what you mean to Harry. You are a great man, and that is all I'm going to say.”

They walked the rest of the way to the house in silence and then John said, “Ron, is there anyway that you and Hermione could have been cursed to make you do and say the things that...?”

Ron stopped to give John all the time he needed to climb the steps and said, “I don't know, John. Harry put some kind of protection barrier around the office to keep us safe in the office. Looking back on the day I can't think of a time when we could have been cursed.” After John made it up the last step he stopped and said, “Ron, I'm not going to press charges. I want to see how this plays out, but if it turns out you were just being a jerk I will clean your clock.”

Ron nodded his head with a quizzical look, “Right, thanks, I think.”

They walked into the house and Hermione and Ginny both ran to them and dried them with their wands. “What happened to you two? Was somebody out there and attacked you?”

Lily went to John and put her hand on him and looked at her ring. “Good news, I can mostly heal Johnny.” Before anyone could stop her, she put her hands on his ribs and closed her eyes. You have three rib fractures and two displaced fractures. Your lungs are also bruised. After a few minutes she stopped and put her hands around his throat and said, “You've been hung causing the top of your esophagus to collapse and your larynx to fracture.” She put her hands on his chest and diaphragm and said, “You've been cursed with a freezing spell and then a knockback jinx. And lastly, you've got friction burns from being hung by ropes. There; you're not good as new, but on your way there.”

When she was done she went to Ron and Ron said, “Don't worry about me, sweetheart; I'll live and I deserve the pain.”

Lily looked at him and said, “You have a fractured rib and it is poking your lung. Your spleen is ruptured and is slowly leaking. If you don't get treatment then you could die in your sleep if that happens while you're sleeping.”

Carson was looking at John with his hand held devise and said she's right, you'll need to be relieved of duty for a few days at least. He turned and looked at Ron and ran his scanner over him. “Your diagnosis's are spot on Lassy. I think I should operate so you can save your strength.”

“No, really, I'll just take some Pepperup potion and something else for my other thing. Probably a cup of tea of some sort would fix it right up.”

Lily put her hand on Ron and she said, “My ring says I can do it, no problem.” So she fixed up her uncle and then Ginny told the kids they need to go to bed. Albus spoke up and said, “I'm sorry Mum, but we'll just lie awake waiting until we hear when dad gets home. Can't we stay up and wait with the family and friends?”

Ginny considered her son's request but then decided to go ahead and send them to bed. “The last time he did this he was in the water for days remember? And I have to be sensible and consider that... he might not make it this time. You saw how bad off he was. We need to keep up our strength in case he does make it back and needs our help. I want him to come back and I hope more than anything that he does. But let's just all go to bed. Say goodnight to your Aunt and Uncle and our company from the States.”

They stood looking at her hoping she would change her mind. Albus said, “Remember when Grandpa got attacked by Nagini at the-”

“Albus Severus Potter, why are you arguing with me about this?! I don't think I've ever known of you to be willful or defiant; what's gotten into you?!”

Albus stood his ground and answered respectfully, “Mum, I'm sorry you think I'm arguing, and being willful and defiant, but I just need to know what the difference is between now and when all you guys were let out of Hogwarts to stay at Sirius's house until you found out about if your dad was going to live. Sirius told you guys to go to bed, but you all said you were staying up. I'm not telling you we are staying up, I'm asking if we can so we can see dad when he comes home. James and I haven't seen him since Christmas, and today doesn't count because he had to deal with other things before we could be a family. And I think Daddy thinks someone was cursed from something he said. I think he knows who is to blame for it and we can talk it out and find out and Uncle Ron and the Aurors can arrest the person or people before Daddy gets home. He'll be able to rest when he gets home and be with us instead of looking for leads and arresting the guilty. I have everything ready for him in the lab to help him. He needs me to-”

Ginny sighed and said, “Your point is well made, but the difference is this: I am your parent, not a friend of the family, and you are a child. I think it is best for you if you get your rest so go on to bed.”

Albus looked at her and frowned and then quietly said, “I'll go to my room. I'll even get in bed. But with respect, Mum; your point is not well made, it's just what parents say when they don't want to deal with their kids.” He looked around and said, “Goodnight everybody.” He didn't wait for a reply but went upstairs to his room; James and Lily following.

Ginny listened and when she only heard two bedroom doors close she called for Albus. He ran to the top of the stairs and said, “Yes, Mum?”

Ginny said, “You're not going to be up there listening for your dad to come home. Close your door.”

The look on the young boy's face was of someone who had a fatal disease and just gave up on their last bit of hope to live. “Right” He turned away and went to his room and slammed the door shut.

Ron arched his eyebrows and said, “I might expect that coming from James and even Lily, but never Albus. I'm actually impressed with his bravery and how well he made his point, which he's right you know.”

Ginny turned on him and raised her voice saying, “Alright Mr. Know it all, tell me what Harry looks like every time he comes back from having to fix something that shouldn't have happened and he nearly dies from it? He's downright scary and mean looking. I would rather the kids not have to see him until he's been home and had a chance to soften up somewhat if he can. They already saw how scary he was when he got out of the chamber earlier today. And Albus is just like his father. You did hear that theory he came up with didn't you? It's not enough that he looks and acts like him but now he is trying to think like Harry does. That theory is so far fetched I'd think he would be embarrassed to tell anyone.”

Ron said, “Sis, have you seen him lately? He looks scarier every time I see him. Wouldn't it be better for them to see him as much as they can no matter what he looks like? He has lived his whole life in pain and fought too many battles to be the soft cuddly daddy you want him to be for the kids. It's just never going to happen. And John thinks the same thing about a curse. He was asking me about it on our way up to the house after Harry disappeared.”

Just then Ginny got a call on her cell phone. She answered it and then said to come on in. “It's Wes, he said he has some urgent news and asked for me to call Ron and Hermione to come over.”

John went to the door and opened it when he saw Wes come onto the porch. Wes didn't even say hello or anything but said, “Harry sent me a Patronus this evening so I went back to the office and turned on my computer. Ron, you and Hermione stopped over before you left for the Burrow and then here. I ran the cameras back to that time and saw the activation of the curse blocker Harry put up in the office years ago. So that means that you two were cursed sometime before you got there. The bad news is we don't have any way to find out when you were cursed because neither one of you guys have been to the office since Christmas time. How do we communicate this information to Harry? I mean I don't even know how he sent his Patronus from that chamber he was in.”

Ron looked over at John and said, “You were right it was a curse. We're not horrible people after all.” He looked at Ginny and said, “And Albus was right too. I don't know how he picked up on it, but he will make an excellent Auror when he grows up. I wonder if he has any interest in becoming one like his dad.”

John spoke up and said, “He probably picked up on how keen Harry was on the fact that whoever gave you, Hermione, the cell phone said something like it would be light as day. He wanted to know who gave her the phone and the exact words that was used. I know that is when I began to wonder about you guys being cursed. Hopefully that was the reason you were treating him so badly.”

He looked around and then said, “Also; Harry said that if he lived he was going to find out how Katrina Lestrange could do this while she was in Azkaban.”

They all talked for an hour trying to think when or how Ron and Hermione could have been cursed and who could have cursed them. Hermione said it couldn't be Lestrange because she was in Azkaban. They became silent in their thoughts and fell asleep leaning against each other where they were sitting.

They all jumped up and drew their wands when someone unlocked the front door. All but John and Tazmia who both woke up hearing footsteps coming onto the porch. They started to the door ready to jump anyone who wasn't friends or family. Harry walked in and raised his hands when he saw the wands pointing at him. He didn't say anything and put his hands down slowly keeping an eye on Ron when they all holstered their wands. It was an awkward moment and then John squeezed his elbow and with a warm grin said, “I knew you'd make it back. Are you going to be okay, do you need anything?”

Harry gave John a half nod and said he would be okay if he could shower, eat a bite, and take a short nap of a couple hours. He put his hand on John's shoulder and quietly said, “I'm tired, brother, so tired.”

He walked over to Ginny and she went to him when she saw he was walking to her. She went into his arms he opened for her and he rested the side of his head on the top of her head.

Ron went to him slowly and put his hand on his shoulder. He gently squeezed it and said, “I'm glad you made it back, mate. Why do you look so mean all the time now? Never mind, what I really want to say is that we've been working on a lead Wes found for us. But we fell asleep before we accomplished anything except to say Katrina Lestrange is in Azkaban so it couldn't have been her.”

Harry didn't want to give up holding Ginny but he let go of her when she started to pull away from him. He looked at her to read her expression so he'd have a warning if she was angry with him. She smiled at him giving him relief.

He looked at Ron and said, “You don't have to worry about it anymore; it's all taken care of with one exception. I'm going to need you and Hermione's phone for a minute.”

He held out his hand for them but the two just stood looking at him surprised he wanted their cell phones. Harry didn't show any expression but looked quite unnerving. “Ginny was right to send the kids to bed last night, you look so mean it would scare them to see you.”

Harry glanced at Ginny for a second but then looked back at Ron still looking formidable and mean. He wouldn't be distracted by what people thought of him. He was beyond caring at this point. “I'll have those cell phones. I need to get rid of the curse before you spread it to anyone else.”

Hermione asked, “What makes you think our phones are cursed. How can you put a curse on a phone and spread it to anyone else. Curses don't work like that, Harry; I'm sure you know that so why do you need our phones?”

Harry stared at her and said, “I'm tired and my patience is way too thin to put up with you being suspicious about everything I need to do. I tried the nice way so don't be upset with me for taking them from you.” The phones appeared in his hands and while he was looking to see who's was whose Hermione sneered at him saying; “That won't do you any good, they're password protected.”

Harry picked her phone and turned it on without saying anything. She huffed and folded her arms and was about to yell at him but he turned the phone to her and said, “I am deleting this picture and link. Who all is on your phone network? And is it networked to any other computers?”

Hermione stepped closer to Harry to see what he was showing her. He covered the camera when she looked at it. “Harry, what does this have to do with why you needed our phones. I could have deleted it if you'd have told me to. That's the picture and link to where to go to to get the free phone that blew up. I was going to delete it anyway as a matter of fact.”

“This is how you were cursed. When you looked at the link the camera activated a subliminal message in the picture. It told you-”

“Harry that is nonsense! Why do you have to make up things all the time? You say things and then destroy the evidence before we can investigate it.”

Harry stared at her and said, “Everybody here will be a witness since I, once again, have to have proof of what I know to be the truth.” He took his thumb off of the camera and turned the phone for her to see the picture. She stepped closer and after a minute she clicked onto the link the picture showed. Before she said anything Harry showed everyone else the link didn't open any page, but just said it was unable to connect to the link. A few seconds later Hermione looked at Harry and smiled. It's good to see you Harry. I have a phone here for you to try. Now, Harry, don't be paranoid, it's just a prototype cell phone that she wants you and your Aurors to use. She's opening a new business and it would go a long way in promoting it if you'd try it and then the Ministry could get them for the Aurors.”

She was holding out her hand as if she had something to give to Harry. He looked at the others and Ginny and Ron's mouth's hung open. Hermione was clearly being influenced with a curse. Ron told Harry to cure her and he did.

Hermione blinked and then said, “Harry just eat something and take a shower. After that you should take your nap and then maybe we can talk about what the possibilities are.”

Ron took Hermione's hand gently as if she might break. “Mione, Harry is right, the phones are cursed. We just saw you prove it.”

Ginny stepped over to Hermione and said, “I knew you wouldn't believe Harry. Watch for yourself.” She showed the video of her trying to get the phone from Harry and then Hermione shook her head. I don't understand how that could work.”

Ron said, “He was trying to explain that when you told him it was nonsense. Go ahead, Harry; tell her about the sub-memorable thing you were talking about. Tell us all how the whole thing worked.”

Carson said, “Now see here; this lad needs to eat and get some sleep. Can it be enough that the danger is over?”
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