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They were changing HAIR?!

Lucas reached up and started fiddling with his hair. Changing his curls? That didn't sound like his cup of pumpkin juice. He liked his curls! Even when it got humid and his hair flew out to twice its size and he couldn't control it. And even when it felt frizzy and just gave him more attention than he would like. But he still liked it all the sa-


Barlow? Was changing? His hair??

Lucas watched on, both in curiosity and in horror. It was growing and changing texture and changing colour all in one go? He tilted his head as he took in the new hair. It was..... different, that's for sure. He wasn't sure which part he was the most weirded out by: the very red colour or the fact that it was actually straight, which was VERY different to what Barlow usually did with his hair. And then there were the eyebrows, which....... yeah.

He shook his head and grabbed the piece of parchment with his assignment on it. His assignment? Not..... too bad. Carrot orange was a weird hair colour, for sure, but that was the only big change here. Curly hair? Done. Bob length? Uh, well, see, that was only a little bit longer than normal, right? Or a bit more than that. But he was still good.

Closing his eyes, he started to imagine this bob of curly carrot orange hair. And then tried to imagine it on his head, both of which proved to be difficult. Again, Barlow had made it look so easy? He was sure the man didn't even spend too much time imagining his hair but that's exactly what he was doing right now.

How long he'd been standing there, he didn't know. But when the time came for it, he opened his eyes and held his wand up near his hair. Curly carrot orange hair. That was shoulder-length. That was important too! "Crinis Muto!" Tap!

Oh! His hair was growing! IT WAS GROWING! IT HAD WOR-

.......... Or maybe not.

His hair stopped at bob-length, looking just as curly as it did before but still very much black in colour. Was that.... supposed to happen?
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