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SPOILER!!: Claudine & Barlowwwwww
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Claudine glared at Barlow until she received an answer to her question. Great. It happened to be a spell she had not yet mastered. A sigh escaped her lips and she looked at her reflection. She looked ridiculous with her brows clipped back but that didn't bother her. In her own mirror, she saw Bernie facing her.

Oh, she was being offered help.

"Please,'' was Claudine's reply, grateful for the assistance. She turned towards Bernie's direction and after a moment's debate, walked over to the other first year. The Snakette unclipped her brows which fell to obscure her vision once more.

Help, pls.
Originally Posted by Waterloo View Post
You would think a first year sprouting hair from her nostrils would be top on his list of concerns but as usual, in typical Barlow fashion, he didn’t even notice. He was prone to distraction and distracted he was, making sure all the little slips of parchment ended up in the bucket.

When it was full, he picked it up and gave it a shake until he was sure that all the pieces were sufficiently shuffled.

Now for the fun part.

“The next spell we’ll be practicing can be used to alter your hair. It can change the colour, the length AND texture.” All with one nifty spell, wasn’t that neat!? “The incantation is Crinis Muto and it works like so!" He cleared his throat, uttered the incantation and with the tip of his wand, tapped his head once. The black curls atop his head instantly started to grow. Down past his ears… down past his neck… down past his shoulders. As it grew, it changed colour… until he was sporting a curtain of waist length, dead-straight, cherry red hair. Paired with the eyebrows he still wore tucked behind his and he was quite the comical picture.

“Remember, to achieve results it’s important to VISUALISE the final result as you speak the incantation. Concentrate. Conjure up the image.” Understood? He hoped so.

“You’ll each be assigned a slip of parchment.” As he spoke, he cast a charm which caused each individual, folded up piece of parchment to float to each one of the students and flutter around their head until caught. “THAT’S the look you’ll be attempting to achieve for the remainder of the lesson!” Who decided their fate? It was a mystery. Unless they figured it out amongst themselves. “Time to crack on!”

And he needed a hair scrunchie or something because this hair was A LOT.

OOC: Woop, here we go! Each kiddo will have a set of characteristics assigned to them and as Barlow said, that’s the look they’ll be trying to achieve with this spell! The characteristics will be sent to you via PM, so keep an eye out The lesson will be open until 25/09/2019. Any questions, hmu.

Oh yay, they were going to do the hair ON TOP OF their head next! But first... Claudine.

Bernie felt bad for her clipped-back eyebrows, but in her friend's defense, "They are lovely eyebrows." Okay, enough chit-chat, time for fixin'. Bernadette did her best to recreate the spell the older Gryffindor had cast on her. "Fininte Incantatem!" she cast loudly, tapping each eyebrow once with her wand, and being quite pleased with the results.
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