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SPOILER!!: Bernie! <3
Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Oh, it was a simple reverte, was it? Hmph! Bernadette hadn't even heard of that spell.... was the wand movement for it similar to Finite Incantatem? She didn't know but she was going to have to try.

"Reverte," she intoned, honestly just wanting to SEE better and also because she didn't TRUST magic yet. Her eyebrows, thankfully, cooperated with her spell, and Bernadette watched in the mirror as they slowly shrank back to normal. THERE, NOW she was ready for more fun transfigurations.

Claudine had asked the same question, and looked kinda funny with her brows pinned back in a clip. Bernie turned from watching Claudine's reflection in her mirror to looking at her head on. "Do you want help reversing yours?" she asked the Slytherin firstie.

Claudine glared at Barlow until she received an answer to her question. Great. It happened to be a spell she had not yet mastered. A sigh escaped her lips and she looked at her reflection. She looked ridiculous with her brows clipped back but that didn't bother her. In her own mirror, she saw Bernie facing her.

Oh, she was being offered help.

"Please,'' was Claudine's reply, grateful for the assistance. She turned towards Bernie's direction and after a moment's debate, walked over to the other first year. The Snakette unclipped her brows which fell to obscure her vision once more.

Help, pls.
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