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SPOILER!!: mini activity catch up T^T
Instantly growing our eyebrows.................................?

UHM.... Wait, whaaaat?

NOOOO!!! But, she... Jillian doesn't really want to do that now. She remembers her childhood days when she did have those thick eyebrows, she didn't look good in any of the pictures. That's why she was so happy when her aunt groomed her eyebrows for the first time when she was around 12 years old.

She faced the mirror, quite annoyed actually, looked at her face and at the same time watched the professor do the spell first. She watched his eyebrows grew, not only in length but also in size. It looked absolutely horrible. Why would someone want this? Why would they want long, thick and bush-like eyebrows?

So the spell for this is Crinis Excresco.... Note to self, she will not be using this in the possible future...

She positioned the tip of her wand near her eyebrows and ever so lightly tapped her left eyebrow and then right eyebrow "Crinis Excresco!" she said. A perfect replication of what the professor showed them earlier. Jillian's eyes blinked a few times as she watches her eyebrows grew the same way that the professor and the other kids did.


No pictures please.

So now she looks ridiculous with her eyebrows, well her and all the other kids in this class and also the professor. All Jillian really wants now is the counter-spell.

"Reverte" she quickly motioned her wand towards her eyebrows. Checking the mirror if the spell worked, a smile formed her lips. Yes. Thank you, professor. She loves her natural eyebrows.

She slid her hand into her bag and rummaged through it, trying to pull a parchment and her quill up. She's excited to move on from the previous activity. She listed the things that the professor had mentioned on her parchment and once she finished, she placed it on the bucket.

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