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Right, yes, he’d be having some of the tea and cookies. Malachi put the kettle on then levitated over a tray of relatively fresh cookies. He set it on the table between them and helped himself to one.

Settling in “well enough” was probably the most he could ask for in the situation. They’d hardly gotten into the thick of things and he was already getting multiple complaints from both sides. It was a wonder—and a relief—this castle hadn’t caught fire yet. Mentally the man knocked on his wooden desk, hoping that would be enough to undo any jinx he may have just placed on this castle.

Ah but wasn’t that welcomed news? “You did the exams then? Good. Excellent.” That made everything far less complicated than he’d been expecting it to be. “Suppose they’ll be sent over within the next few days. I’ll wait for them.” Pause. “What does Defense look like? Get me prepared.” While the man did care about the overall growth of his students, being the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, it was understandable he’d have a special interest there. It was good to know where his students were at.

Op! There was the kettle! The man hopped up and began getting the tea ready.

“Also, I trust you know you can’t go scaling the castle walls here, yes?” Said quite casually. It was not a question of whether he was doing it but rather a reminder that he shouldn’t be. “Earl Grey?”
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