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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
He wished he had taken the term at Himitsumahou. It was familiar and almost comforting there now, though no one tell his uncle that he actually enjoyed it there. Everything here was ... polished and unnaturally so. Despite how expansive the place was, more so than Hogwarts even...but that feeling likely came with the lack of harsh grey stone, he felt trapped here. More trapped that last year which was another ironic twist, one that made him feel restless and even a little reckless.

Perhaps he did have some of his mum's Gryffindor blood boiling in him after all.

Lost, but unwilling to admit that he was, Eiji found himself wandering

To which he easily spotted Trinetta, who was looking particularly like a moth to the flame at the moment with that look on her face. "...careful not to burn yourself," he mused as he loomed near the entrance still, his black eye mostly gone now thanks to his bruise paste. Just a bit of lingering greenish hues under his eye which, actually, helped accent his hazel-greens.
As the candles floated past, Nettie reached out to touch them lightly, almost like she was expecting them to be made of something other than gold and wax. They were just so...magical. Almost unearthly. Yes, they were in a magical school, just as they had been the last four years, but something about this room was just so much more serene than anything she'd experienced at Hogwarts. It was really peaceful in here, honestly.

Which was why when she heard Eiji's voice in the corner, she was a bit shocked at first. This hardly seemed like his scene - but then again, it seemed like something was...different about him this term. She'd witnessed him do a LOT of things she never would have thought possible of him last term. Hugging first years. Doing yoga in the rose garden. Or maybe they were both just growing up and expanding their horizons. They WERE more than half way done with their primary education, after all. Change was inevitable.

Lost in her thoughts for a second, she blinked and then smiled at him when she realized she hadn't said anything yet in response to him. "I think they're charmed to not harm you," she said, although she had literally zero evidence to support this theory other than her assumption that there HAD to be some sort of safety charms in place with this many open flames around.

"Your eye looks better," she noted. She'd have to be blind to not see it in class, although she'd been nice enough to not mention it up until this point. "I never got a chance to ask what happened," she added with a small smirk. Whatever it was, he probably deserved it. Hehe.

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