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Hey Guys! Thanks for reading and coming back. It is always a thrill for me to visit with each of you, even though the conversation is one sided. This chapter is pretty intense, but it is shorter so you won't be in subjected to the intensity too long. I do hope you enjoy the chapter and as always, please post a comment here or in a PM. I hope you all enjoy this chapter. Oh, I should let you know that this short story is seven chapters long.

Chapter 2

All Knowing About All Things

Hermione nearly apologized and turned to leave but then she turned back around and said, “I told the woman I'd get back with her first thing in the morning or tonight if I could manage it. It really will only take a minute, Harry; please?”

Ron looked impatiently at what Hermione was digging out of her purse. He scowled at the small box she had in her hand. “Mione, is that the phone that woman gave you to have Harry check out?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact it is.” She looked at Harry and he wearily asked what the story was. “People don't just ask for me to check out things that aren't in my job description. Why would she think I'm qualified to know anything about cell phones except knowing how to operate one? What did she say?”

Hermione looked stunned and said, “She said you know everything about all things. And you've pretty much proved she is right. Why wouldn't she assume you'd know about it?”

Harry knitted his eyebrows together and said, “I am not all knowing! Tell me who she is, and what she said when she went to you.” Harry searched his memory to that phrase of him being all knowing about all things. He knew Ginny said it when she was angry at him but someone else said it not long ago.

Hermione was very much aware she had upset Harry and wished her friend wouldn't fly off the handle so easily. “Harry don't be paranoid, its just a prototype cell phone that she wants you and your Aurors to use. She's opening a new business and it would go along way in promoting it if you'd try it and then the Ministry could get them for the Aurors.”

She started to open the box to show it to Harry but he stopped her quickly. “What do you think of the phone?”

“Well, Harry; I haven't seen it yet. She said not to look at it until you open it so we can all be in on the surprise. She said its oddly old but it's formula that brings it to modern day is explosive with such futuristic apps it'll blow us away. Let's go ahead and look at it and then we can call her on it to tell her if we want to get them.”

Harry put his hand lightly on the top of her hand to prevent her from opening the box. “Did she know you were going to see me today?”

“Yes, Harry; that's why she gave it to me before we left to go home from work. I asked her what was so special about it and she said everything would be plain as day and I would never need to wonder where you were if you needed help.”

“She said everything would be plain as day?”

Hermione smiled since Harry didn't look so formidable and thought he was warming up to the idea of the new phone.

Harry said, “Do you know what else makes things plain as day? A hydrogen bomb blowing up, and you certainly wouldn't have to worry about where I was any longer because we'd all be dead. Look at her adjectives and her descriptions Hermione; explosive, mind blowing. Let me have the box. If it's not a threat and just a cell phone then I'll check it out after I find out what curse you and Ron are under.” He held out her hand and she clicked her tongue saying he was being ridiculous. She started to pull the top of the lid off and a definite click was heard.

All at once before anyone could do anything Harry took the box from her and suspended it in a circle he made with his hands. He started backing up away from everyone and his hands were shaking with a bright light that looked like a yellow ball of fire he was holding. The light became increasingly brighter and Harry's hands began to steam. He made safe dark glasses on everyone even Banner. He kept backing away from everyone and made the ball the size of a basketball. He kept shrinking it until it was the size of a baseball. Sweat was beading up on him and then he yelled out in pain as his hands caught on fire. Still though he kept the box in the ball of brilliant yellow almost white light. He was away from everyone now and looked at the door but knew he wouldn't make it because he could feel the pulsing countdown of the timer in the box. He doubled over the ball yelling for them to turn away but they couldn't move. It was as if they were frozen to the spot where they stood in horror. All they could see was a yellow glow before it blew up. Everyone felt the percussion and watched in horror as Harry was blown backward through the plate glass window he always looked out when he was thinking of especially troubling things on his mind. The pressure in the room only lasted a second and things rattled on shelves but that was the extent of the blast.

Rodney had his laptop out the second it was safe to turn it on without burning it up from the blast. He speedily typed his information. He worked out some figures he was curious about when Harry mentioned things getting light as day when a bomb explodes. He looked up and yelled, stop, when John and Ron started to run out after Harry. “You can't run out there to get him. Harry was right, it was a hydrogen bomb. You need to be in hazmat suits before you get him. We're all okay in here; no trace of radiation but there has got to be a high level of it out there.”

Carson took out his scanner and held it out the window Harry was blasted through and said, “I'm not detecting any radiation; I'm going out to get Harry. If this starts showing radiation I'll stop and come back in.”

John and Ron went out with Carson leading; their flashlights cutting through smoke and scorched grass. They followed the path of burned grass and smoke until they saw Harry down over the hill and just on the other side of the stream. He wasn't moving and blood covered his back and his head.

John told Ron not to roll him over because he had glass stuck in him all over. John looked at Carson and said, “What if we put him in the deep part of the water?”

Ron said, “He'll drown! What are you thinking, man?!”

Carson nodded his head at John and then said to Ron, “Harry has the ability to heal certain things when he's in water like this. In other words he can't do this in the bathtub or the shower.”

Ron thought back to the time he held Harry in this very spot while he healed from holding some lava. Harry was unconscious and he had held Harry's head above the water until he woke up and his hands were healed.

“I can move him without having to pick him up bodily so it won't hurt as much. Do you just want me to lower him in until he is covered in water except for his face?”

Carson shook his head. “Okay but be ready to pull him out quickly if I say to.”

Ron said, “Locomotor Harry,” and swished his wand impressively. Harry was lifted off the ground and positioned over the water. Ron lowered him until it was barely covering him. John and Carson moved closer into the stream and John began pulling small shards of the thick glass out of Harry, but didn't get too far. He positioned his flashlight so he could see better and nearly became sick at the site of Harry's hands, stomach, and chest burned and the skin hanging on by pieces of burned flesh. Carson was watching his instrument and then became worried.

“Harry has gone way passed his ability to keep his three phases level. We need to get him up to the house and into the stasis chamber again. Everything he did so he could be out of the chamber has been undone and his condition is beyond hope. I don't know how he is still alive. Come on then, let's get him up to the house. I'll let him stabilize as much as I can afford to let him and then I'll need to take him to our base.”

Ron said, “How long will it take him to recover?”

Carson glanced at John and then looked at Ron. “If he recovers it won't be anytime soon. The force he was sent through that plate glass window smashed his spine, separated his ribs from his spine and snapped his neck. Some of the glass is so deep that his lungs, kidneys, and heart were punctured and torn. He's lost too much blood to send enough oxygen to his brain. He is in a vegetable state right now, and I don't know if he can be put back together again. If he wakes up, he will be in more pain than is imaginable, and...”

Carson stopped and looked at John who then hung his head and ran both hands through his hair and then with his right hand rubbed the back of his neck hard. “There has to be something that can be done. That can't be the only option he has.”

Ron looked at them and said, “What are you thinking, what option do you think is the only one for him?”

Carson sighed; looking down at Harry and then up to Ron and said, “I have to tell Ginny that the kindest thing that can happen for him is if we allow him to die in his sleep.”

Ron said, “That is just not going to happen.” He pointed his wand back down to the stream and ran down to the deep part as fast as he could being careful to not slip and drop Harry. John and Carson ran after him and was about to stop him when Ron put Harry down on the ground rather roughly and then pointed his wand at the two men ready to grab him. He put them in a full body binding curse and then took Harry the rest of the way to the stream. He dumped Harry into the water with a magic rope spell to hold him from sinking too far. About twenty minutes later he heard Hermione and Ginny screaming for him, John and Carson. He sat still without answering them, and thinking maybe he shouldn't have shoved John and Carson into the flower bed so nobody would trip over them if they came out to look for Harry. Another few minutes and he would pull Harry out and he would be all healed.

A few minutes later John, Carson, and the ladies found Ron and was about to scream at him when they heard splashing in the water. Ginny started to run into the stream but Harry quietly and with a pained expression said, “Please don't touch me.”

Harry was trembling badly and could barely talk and he looked like he should be dead. “Do you think that... it could be okay if I die? I don't think I can do this anymore.” Tears streamed down his face as he made his plea. “I don't mean to make this about me or be selfish, but... I -”

Ron said, “Look mate, you don't have a choice in this. You are going to pull yourself together and just fix yourself so Hermione isn't blamed for your death. And besides; you're Head Auror and you need to get back to work. And well, I need you to live. I lost Fred, and I can't lose you too.”

Harry turned his eyes to Ginny. “Honey... would you let this be for me; please? Do you understand the pain I'm dealing with? It's too much for me-”

Ginny dropped to her knees and cried as she got in the stream with her husband. She looked at him and saw the water had healed his flesh around all the glass that was driven into him and then said she was sorry for what she was about to do, but she couldn't bear living without him. He shook his head no and begged for her to change her mind. By now he was shaking so hard with his pain that Ginny pulled her wand and pointed it at his head. Harry said, “Honey, I don't want you to kill me. I'll just stop trying to live and I will die instantly.”

She exclaimed with torrents of tears splashing down into the stream, “You misunderstand, I'm not going to kill you.” She shouted, “Accio glass in Harry!”

Harry screamed as the glass shards tore through him as they came out of his body. The water turned red and Harry groaned and yanked the magic rope Ron still had from him. He told Ginny to get out of the water and then closed his eyes and sunk to the bottom of the deep part of the stream.

John reached in and yanked Ginny out of the water and pulled her away from the bank. Carson said, “We need to get away from the stream; he's going to short circuit. The inhibitor he made to keep that from happening was broken when his neck snapped.”

It began to thunder and lightning and the rain poured out of the heavens as though someone opened the spillway on a dam. They all ran to the house except for John. He squatted at the edge of the stream and put his hand on his hip where Harry's Mokeskin pouch and its contents had been for weeks now. Harry, had never taken it back and when he used his wand the one time to get the cabin it returned to John's hip. He understood now that Harry really didn't think he'd be able to live the rest of the month without something happening that would take his life. John wanted Harry to live as much as anyone else, but he also knew that people were being selfish not to think about Harry being in constant unbearable pain and telling him that he had to live for one reason or another none of which was because they love him. Saying they can't stand the thought of living without him was just as selfish in John's opinion. He looked at the dark water so deep in thought that he didn't notice that the reflection looking up through the light of the flashlight wasn't his own. Now though he saw and smiled sadly because he could see the pain in his friends eyes. Harry surfaced and with blue light cracking and zapping all around him he spoke softly between moans and groans; jolting from being shocked.

“John, I don't have much time before I die. Ron and Ginny has made it impossible for me to heal. Rodney will figure it out and I don't want him losing his temper and telling them what they did that caused my death instead of causing me to be able to heal myself in this water. I'm going to go to the planet with the poisonous flying apes. There is a species of apes that are just as deadly as the air breathers but they are like Merpeople; they live underwater. The water there has something in it that causes near instantaneous healing. I'm going there to get bitten by one of the young and then if I'm lucky I will find a Wraith to... never mind. When I recover enough to travel I'll come back and find the person or people who cursed Hermione and Ron. I don't know how long it will take or even if 'll be successful.”

John took Harry's face in his hands and said, “Brother, I will help Ginny and the kids understand that you tried and couldn't make it happen. I won't think badly of you if you just let go. I don't want you to suffer any longer. And maybe you'll still live even if you give up. I'm all for that if it could happen. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can let go and just let it be in God's hands whether you live or die. Let your Aurors find the person who cursed Ron and Hermione. I didn't know for sure if that is what happened but I guess you know so that's good enough for me. Do you know who did it?”

Harry thanked him and said he was so tired of fighting to live another day just so he could keep someone from being in trouble or because people need him to keep them safe. “If I am successful in coming back I will make people understand I'm not doing this again for anyone. They can start getting used to the idea I won't be around long the way things happen to me when I fight everyone's battles. Hermione had to know all about my secrets the minute she asked. I told her she would know after she was sworn in. But because she couldn't wait she made it possible for Altimore to find Atlantis and Elizabeth. If she had listened to me telling her not to open the box tonight none of this would be happening. She will learn that if she wants me around she has to yield to my knowledge of the criminal mind. John, I need to go now. Oh, and yes, I think it is Katrina Lestrange. The surge in me has built up enough to send me to Kingdom Come; but I'll just be going to the ape planet. Thanks for everything, John. You are the best brother to walk this planet or any other. And thanks for not hitting Ron even though I know you wanted to.” It had been very difficult talking to John with the amount of pain he was suffering from. Finally he said, “Here I go, John, I'm charging and I'll catch a ride on a lightning bolt any second.”

Harry reached for his sword and it appeared in his hand. He raised it effortlessly at the sky and shouted a command in ancient Latin. The brightest lightning bolt John ever saw shot down and as soon as it touched the tip of the sword Harry screamed in terrible pain giving another command within him. His electrical system surged and shot around and met the lightning bolt. Harry was now engulfed in brilliant light. He shot up inside the lightning and Harry's sword dropped in front of John sizzling. When it stopped it disappeared into Harry's pouch with his wand.
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