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Text Cut: Greetings!

Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Kaiser couldn't remember the last time he had a good, full night's sleep. Never, probably. Yeah, that sounded about right. The only time his brain and body ever seemed to want to give in to sleep was right in the middle of a lesson which... was not ideal.

He very much looked the part of 'insomniac seventeen year old' too. Messy hair, dark circles under his eyes, generally dishevelled appearance and vaguely absent expression. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary for him; just Kaiser being Kaiser.

Stepping into the Charms classroom shortly before the lesson was due to start, Kaiser stopped and squinted around the room for a moment, before closing his eyes and letting out a long sigh. No desks. No chance to sit and just subtly doze for a moment.

Not to be dramatic or anything, but everyone was working against him, and Fuller-Thompson was their commander-in-chief.

Kaiser opened his eyes again, and glanced briefly at the professor. "H'llo," he mumbled, before going over to the back wall, so that he could have something to prop himself up against lean on until... uh, forever, probably.

And no, he didn't notice the ceiling, most likely because his eyes were already closed again.
When the first student arrived, Piers gave the boy a firm nod as he went to find his place against the wall. Was that a sigh? Probably because he couldn’t go take a nap, eh? Yeah, this was part of the plan. ”Hello,” he replied quietly, mildly amused.

Originally Posted by PatInTheHat View Post
Honest to goodness, Tavie was trying REALLY HARD to like this whole ‘wear the same thing all day every day’ thing, but it got old really really fast. Not that she ever complained about to. She wasn’t going to try and fight a centuries old rule, but she did try and jazz up her uniform a bit with accessories and the like.

Today she had her nails painted different colors, her locket was tucked under her white collar shirt, and her earrings - though studs - were pink. They matched the flecks of glitter in her tights and her Ravenclaw bow tie. Tavie had unknowingly charmed an older student who fancied her father into transfiguring her Ravenclaw tie into suitable a bow tie. So she was still in uniform when she skipped into charms class, but it wasn’t the same old she’d been wearing all of one and a half months.

”Hey, Professor Piers!” She flashed him a bright smile, and then immediately went about inspecting the classroom. There were no seats to be saved for her friends, so she stood next to the tall boy already in class, smiling up at him. That’s when she noted the targets on the ceiling (and not his closed eyes).

Hmm. He should have used different colors.
Ah, there was Octavia. The daughter of a couple legends right there. Piers noted that her uniform was a bit... altered. But he also didn’t really mind it. It was just a uniform.

But maybe it was that carelessness that the students caught onto that made them think it was okay to call him Professor Piersie... Piers gave the girl a LOOK as she waltzed into class, hoping she’d catch the hint. ”Morning, Miss Stark.” Formalities.

Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Bernadette just wanted to go outside and enjoy the fall weather... but here she was, in the pirate professor's class. Bernadette murmured, "Helllllo," at him and then made her way to a sunspot by the window, behind the older Slytherin kid.
Yes, a simple hello would do just fine. ”Morning,” he replied to the first year with a nod.

Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Fiona strolled into the classroom, enjoying the feel of the room's warming charm on her tiny body. "Hey, Professor..." Fiona greeted, pausing at the end as she noticed the absence of desks. She made her way to a spot a small distance from Kaiser and leant against the wall. Fiona looked up and saw the ceiling, raising her eyebrows in piqued interest.
Not gonna lie, Piers kind of enjoyed catching students off guard when he did something different with a classroom. ”Hello,” he replied simply as she found a spot.

Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
The weather in France wasn’t much like the weather in Scotland, but Carys was managing to adapt as well as possible. At least physically, as she still had a few questions she really wanted answered, the least of which was whether or not they’d even get to just practice Quidditch at school. She could wait til the holiday break, but she’d much rather not have to, and while yoga wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t Quidditch. They had a Flying professor, but not having heard any other news was getting to her. There had been plenty of visits to the art studio, however. At least she had one calming place at Beauxbatons, of which she’d filed away a request to be made later to maybe get an art studio at Hogwarts again.

Either way, she was trying to stay optimistic given the presence of so many challenges. The Beauxbatons students still didn’t quite seem to be okay with them being around, and the fact she risked bodily injury if she wanted to pick a single flower wasn’t exactly her cup of tea either. But she wasn’t complaining. It wasn’t the mist and it wasn’t Scrimgeour. She could handle this.

There had been the slightest blink of surprise at the décor in the Charms classroom, however. Or, lack of décor, as seemed to be the better description as she’d entered the room to find basically nothing aside from the professor and his desk. And a few other students. “Good day Professor Fuller-Thompson,” she said to the man leaning against the only piece of furniture, giving him a smile as she settled into a position sort of near the center of the room. Since nobody of her usual group of friends appeared to be there yet, she’d just make it all easy.

Although she was tempted to just lie on the floor once she’d glanced upward to see targets painted on the ceiling.
Then there were the students who full-named him. Fuller-Thompson was a mouthful, so he didn’t really mind if people shortened it. But he also didn’t mind the full thing. ”Hello.”

Originally Posted by hjhm View Post
It's already October but the weather felt like September. Jillian didn't want to put on her robes today so she had it dangling in her forearm whilst she was walking towards Charms. She's quite adjusted to Beauxbaton already, except for the language that is. And also the fact that the Slytherins have to stay in the broom closet. She dragged her feet until she has reached her classroom. One thing she has noticed right away are the chairs and desks.... THEY'RE NO WHERE. Quite odd.

She doesn't mind really. She's more curious as to how the professor will conduct a class with no desks nor chairs. Did they ran out? Is that it? Oh well.

Jillian then looked at the professor leaning against his desk, she gave him a soft smile "Hello Professor" she utters before making her way near where most of the students are.
His eyes moved toward the door when another student walked in. He gave the girl a nod when she greeted him. ”Hello.” Then he let her find a spot to stand.

Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Rylee was still in the best of moods. It may have been well over a month now since being here at Beauxbaton but there was nothing she didn't like about this place. Okay, well maybe she didn't like not having her cats here with her but that was about it. Everything else was much easier to overlook and if she were to be quite honest, cutting back on all those lessons she didn't need anymore so she could focus on her future career was the best thing for her.

Entering the classroom there was a spring in her step and a warm smile on her face. "Hello, Professor, I hope you're doing well today." She hoped everyone was doing well. Rylee was most definitely chipper and if she was lucky some of her happiness would rub off on those around her that needed it.

Ummm... no desks or chairs. While this wasn't highly unusual for a lesson it didn't peak her curiosity. Moving more towards the center of the room, Rylee glanced around looking for any clues that may lead to what they would be learning today. Her gaze slowly settled on the ceiling. Oh, well isn't this interesting.
Ah, another student in a good mood. ”I’m doing alright, thank you.” He appreciated her good mood, at least. And the fact that she seemed to be wondering what they would be doing in class today.

Originally Posted by emjay View Post
There were a few heavy things weighing on Gunnar's mind as of late, but the Slytherin tried not to dwell on those as he entered the Charms classroom. He quite liked the subject, especially when they learned something useful, and he tried to mentally tell himself he was looking forward to today's lesson. Even if he currently preferred to be elsewhere right now.

But that certainly wasn't outwardly apparent as he gave his head of house a polite smile. "Good day, Professor." Oh. No seats. Great.

The 16 year old soon spotted Kaiser surrounded by a group of first year girls, causing him to chuckle lightly to himself in amusement. Why was this happening so often in their seminar classes with all the year groups?

"I see you've found your fan club," he greeted his dorm mate with a grin as he made his way over by them. And while he normally spoke to Kaiser exclusively in German, he found it necessary to say this in English.
And there was one of his prefects. On time, too, good. Piers was glad he had made the decisions he had. ”Good day to you,” he responded.

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Yet another Charms lesson.

Sometimes, Claudine felt as though she wasn’t good enough at doing magic but then she remembered she was only eleven years old. Learning magic took time and she would have to be patient (even though sometimes she felt that was an impossible task). Today, she was prepared to learn, prepared to focus. She was in a good mood even if the serious look on her face said otherwise.

“Good day, Professor,’’ Claudine said somewhat stiffly. She was still a little miffed that her Head of House had settled for the Slytherins having a broom closet as a common room. Maybe he had fought valiantly for a different outcome, maybe he had not. As it was, Claudine would settle for being grumpy about the entire thing.

And… where were the chairs and desks? Was the question of the day as she went to stand in a corner by herself. Also, was Kaiser that popular? Claudine rolled her eyes when Gunnar mentioned him having a fan club. She shuddered mentally and physically at the thought of having so much attention on her.
Was it just him or did this one seem a bit... peeved at him? Piers didn’t entertain teenage drama very much, so it didn’t really bother him, but he was naturally curious. ”Hello,” he said simply, eyeing him for a moment.

Originally Posted by Samia View Post
Classes were perhaps the only thing that weren't sending Missa into a certain kind of anxiety. A thing she really didn't want to think about.

The fifteen year old made her way into the class all too eagerly - any chance to not be wandering around the castle was a good thing - and gave the professor a nod of hello.

Aaaand there were no desks. Of course.

Finding herself near a wall - the brunette dropped her bag by her feet and waited for the class to start.
And then there were those who didn’t greet him all. But that was fine. When Piers was a student (a looooong time ago), he didn’t always say hello to his professors. But nods worked. So he nodded back.

Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
Daila was having a bit of a hard time trying to adjust to the French weather. See, it was quite different from Cuba, especially this time of the year. And though Papa Carter had tried to warn her, she hadn't quite believed him. So, she was grateful for the warming charm on the classroom. "Hello, Professor Fuller-Thompson," she greeted, stopping short at the lack of desks. A quick look at her classmates said that no, this wasn't a usual thing.

Were those targets on the ceiling?
When the next student walked in, Piers nodded at the young girl. ”Good morning,” he responded. And yes, those were indeed targets on the ceiling.

Originally Posted by hermionesclone View Post
Getting used to Beauxbatons was...... taking longer than he thought. Maybe it was because he still felt new and out of place. Or MAYBE it was because he knew that he only needed to be here for a year. Whatever the reason, there was always something new to come across and that..... made him feel uneasy. Yeah.

What wasn't new was the setup of this room. No desks or chairs? That didn't phase him at all. Didn't Fuller-Thompson hold a lesson in the fake sun with fake grass? So the lack of chairs and desks only made him smile slightly when he stepped foot into the room. Maybe this meant that they were going to do something exciting. Not as exciting as a picnic in the sun would be but he'd wait and see about that.

Walking further into the room, Lucas glanced over at the Professor and gave him a small, "Hello, Professor," before wandering off to a spot close to the middle of the room. There. And while he had the time, his eyes glanced over the empty room, not really sure what he was looking for, before landing on the...... uhhh........

....... were those targets? Directly above him?? What???

Should he be worried? Should he be internally screaming?
Okay, at least the targets weren’t on THEM. Just the ceiling. Nothing to worry about. [b]”Hello, he responded as the kid speculated about the targets.

Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
Although he knew he had his badge pinned to his robe at all times as was instructed, Dorian kept glancing down at it to see if it was still there even a month in the year. As he entered the Charms classroom, the Ravenclaw looked back down to check again before he walked further in to the warmth of the classroom. As he took in his surroundings ,he sighed when saw that the desks and chairs were gone. Which meant they were going to do something practical. And he was not in the mood today, could he take a quiz instead? Another thing he noticed, which was hard to miss really, were the targets on the ceiling which made him wonder which Charm they were going to learn today.

"Good day, Professor" he greeted with a polite nod of his head before he found a place to stand and wait for class to begin. Also, Kaiser had a fanclub? Dorian looked over at the two Slytherin's after hearing this comment before turning his attention to the door to see who else entered.
Another sigh. Sometimes he wished that students at least TRIED to do a better job at hiding their disappointment. ”Good day to you too,” he replied, keeping his thoughts to himself.

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Unlike many of his housemates, it seemed, Eiji held no grudges against his head of house for the broom closet outcome. There was only one option among the common rooms he would have preferred anyway and even then that was based on the presence of one person and he was not entirely sure that outweighed everything else. At least having a space that was entirely French free was more than welcomed.

Slipping into the room, he tried not to frown at the unconventional set up and only noticed the target overhead since the majority of his peers were looking up at him. Right, well, that certainly narrowed it down and for a brief moment he found himself hoping that they would be practicing Ascendio to try and launch themselves into the air...and he could watch the overzealous launch themselves with a bit too much zeal and smacked into the ceiling.

.....he was having a day, okay?

Greeting the professor with a simple nod of the head, the fifth year found himself a spot NOT near Kaiser. They were already too up close and personal in their dorm situation.
This kid was interesting. He didn’t say much. But he LOOKED like he had a lot to say. That was all. He nodded in response. And that was all.

Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post

Cecelia liked charms. Or well, she liked what she'd seen of them so far. Her aunt Sophie was CRAZY for them and the first year had learned that there were useful ones for just about EVERYTHING you could think of. She wondered just WHICH one she'd be learning today. Whatever it was, she'd be writing home about it so Catherine and Noah could tell their mum she was doing her best to be JUST as good as she was.

"Hello Professor," The eleven year old greeted in the sing-song voice of hers, cheerful as always. She gave the man a wiggle-fingered wave and moved over to join Tavie, who got a side squish. "Hi! What do you think THOSE are for?" She turned her gaze upward and smiled some, thinking of ALL the possible scenarios that might play out.
Another energetic first year. Sometimes they were fun, sometimes they were overwhelming. He wasn’t sure about this one yet. Her great mood seemed a bit overwhelming. ”Hello,” he replied, keeping his thoughts to himself again.

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Phoebe came crashing into the Charms classroom, skidding through the door before trying to moderate her speed too fast. She couldn't get her feet back under her in time to keep from crashing into Cece and Tavie, and maybe into Kaiser. Oops, or whatever?

"Hullo, Professor! Is this feng shui? I like decorations on the ceiling." Phoebe attempted to look calm and collected, although her hair was everywhere and she was hoping desperately that no one noticed her clumsiness. Why was Eiji way over there? Phoebe waved wildly at him to invite him to stand by her, rather than by herself.
Wow. Talk about over zealous first years. Was this one a first year? Probably. Too young and innocent to be brought down by the world’s cares. ”Err... no. But thanks.” They weren’t decorations, but whatever. She’d figure it out later.

Once the last few of the students filtered in through the door, Piers made a final glance at the clock in the back of the room before shutting the door with a wave of his wand. He wasn’t too picky about tardy students, but he didn’t really want to be interrupted. ”Alright,” Piers said, rubbing his hands together. ”Let’s start off with a little discussion.” Because he knew it was hard to get started in a class.

”Let’s talk about what goes into making a spell work. One of the most important things about performing a charm correctly is accuracy - in the incantation, wand movement, and of course, aim.” Because aiming correctly could be the difference between animating a mop and animating your dog. ”So tell me - what’s so important about spell accuracy? Wand movements, incantation, aim... What happens if you get something wrong?” Then he gestured to the class to turn the discussion over to them.

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