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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Cole was done with classes for the day and had opted to go on an exploration trip around the castle rather than study. He felt like a lost lamb in this new castle with its many unfamiliar rooms and corridors. Only way to get his bearings was to explore and maybe if he looked like he knew where he was going the french girls would start looking his way more often. He knew that his blue eyes and blond hair was eye catching some in part to do with his veela heritage so he used that to his advantage but it couldn't hurt to add knowing his way around too.

Taking a left turn around a new corridor of a floor he considered as the astro/potions floor in his head he had to stop and stare around in amazement. What was this halls purpose? It had hundreds of floating ornate candelabras lighting up the place but nothing else except for a giant cushion pile that was currently occupied by Dorian. Heading over towards the elder boy Cole called out "Hi Dorian, didn't you want to study either? What's the purpose of this hall? Stargazing?"
Normally, Dorian would have closed his eyes and had tried to meditate now that he was alone and away from any noise. But the candelabras floating in the air was too mesmerizing that he could not stop looking at them. The fire dancing softly as if a breeze was coming from somewhere and as he looked closer, he noticed that there was something odd about the fire. He couldn’t wrap his finger around it what it was.

As he looked, his thoughts were interupted by footsteps entering the room. The Ravenclaw looked over to see Cole, one of the Gryffindors staring around in amazement and he held back a chuckle. He probably had looked the same when he had first entered. When the fourth year walked towards him, Dorian mentally groaned. Nothing against the kid but he secretly wanted to be alone. But he couldn’t tell him to leave because the room was for everyone and he didn’t own the place and he had a badge now, which meant he had to be careful as well if he wanted to keep it. ”I don’t know” he said as he looked back up at the candles. ”But it is very beautiful to look at” he wondered if girls liked this kind of stuff during a date. Or was that too romantic. Sigh, he never even had a girlfriend before. Maybe he should have played along with that girl from Ancient Runes last year, what was her name again? Nina something. SIGH

”I’m planning to do my homework after i made my rounds this evening” he said as he looked at Cole again and grabbed one of the big cushions, wrapped his arms around it and threw it at him. Which was really awkward in a half lying position but he managed ”Here, sit” he said. Unless he wanted to stand of course. ”What do you think of Beauxbaton so far?”
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