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The weather in France wasn’t much like the weather in Scotland, but Carys was managing to adapt as well as possible. At least physically, as she still had a few questions she really wanted answered, the least of which was whether or not they’d even get to just practice Quidditch at school. She could wait til the holiday break, but she’d much rather not have to, and while yoga wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t Quidditch. They had a Flying professor, but not having heard any other news was getting to her. There had been plenty of visits to the art studio, however. At least she had one calming place at Beauxbatons, of which she’d filed away a request to be made later to maybe get an art studio at Hogwarts again.

Either way, she was trying to stay optimistic given the presence of so many challenges. The Beauxbatons students still didn’t quite seem to be okay with them being around, and the fact she risked bodily injury if she wanted to pick a single flower wasn’t exactly her cup of tea either. But she wasn’t complaining. It wasn’t the mist and it wasn’t Scrimgeour. She could handle this.

There had been the slightest blink of surprise at the décor in the Charms classroom, however. Or, lack of décor, as seemed to be the better description as she’d entered the room to find basically nothing aside from the professor and his desk. And a few other students. “Good day Professor Fuller-Thompson,” she said to the man leaning against the only piece of furniture, giving him a smile as she settled into a position sort of near the center of the room. Since nobody of her usual group of friends appeared to be there yet, she’d just make it all easy.

Although she was tempted to just lie on the floor once she’d glanced upward to see targets painted on the ceiling.
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